Pack a Lot into a Little

Every year, sometime during the winter that we spend in AZ, we make a quick trip back to Denver. It gives us a chance to check on the house, pick up anything we forgot that we need for spring in AZ, and most of all, to get hugs from our Denver family.

And every year when we come home, it seems to snow at some point.  It’s so regular, in fact, that I think we should hire ourselves out. If it’s been a dry winter and the trees and flowers need a boost, the farmers should pay for us to visit! This year was no exception, as it began snowing Sunday evening and continued into the night. We woke up to this winter wonderland…..

And honestly, I can’t complain much because it doesn’t even compare to the snowstorm that hit Denver 15 years ago yesterday, that being the same day that our eldest granddaughter Addie was born…..

Bill and I are big fat babies about snow these days, and we live in the desert during the winter for this very reason: to avoid the snow.  While Coloradans in general are better about snow than, say, Alabamans when they get a few flakes, we still can be heard grumbling, and our driving is admittedly not the best. On the other hand, Vermonters are not a bit put out by snow, even more than a few flakes. Heather sent us a photo of our grandson Micah at a school outing in Montpelier, VT. One of the classes his kindergarten glass takes is called Educating Children Outdoors (ECO), and they don’t let a little thing like the recent Nor’easter stop them from learning. Heather said Micah is the one drinking tea in the photo. I have to take her word for it because they are all so bundled up that I wouldn’t be able to pick him out without help. But God bless the hearty New Englanders…..

Here are a few more photos of our trip. We packed a lot into a little time…..

Court and Alyx and the kids came for dinner Friday night…..

Saturday, all of the Colorado grands wandered in and out of our house at different points in time. Alastair and Cole played outside…..

Dagny got her first personal cell phone that morning, and she spent much of the day learning about the phone, including taking a selfie of her and her Nana…..

That night, Addie’s family gathered at the restaurant at which she works as a hostess. We ate a delicious dinner and celebrated the fact that she was getting ready to turn 15. Whaaaaat????…..

Sunday, after church, Maggie Faith stopped by. When I asked her what she wanted to do, she didn’t hesitate. Go geocaching! We had a fun day……

Sunday night, Bill and I went to dinner with friends who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. What a great achievement, and what a lot of fun we had with John and Carol and a few of their friends and family. We went to an old school steak house and I had an old school dessert drink – a Grasshopper…..

On Monday, I had lunch with my very good friend Megan. I had every intention of having our server take a photo, but forgot all about it as we caught up with life.

Last night, we concluded our trip with dinner at the Zierks and grabbed a few more hugs from the McLains on our way back to our house.…..

Addie’s birthday was yesterday, and she turned 15. What does that mean? It means we must all steer clear if you see a 1997 white Subaru station wagon with a pretty girl in the driver’s seat, because this happened…..

She got her learner’s permit.

This morning, we caught an early plane out of Denver to spend a few more weeks in AZ before we come back for the summer. Our quick trip was tons of fun.

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  1. It looks like it was a wonderful trip. My fav picture is the one of the Vermont kids all bundled up.

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