Thursday Thoughts

This week has been a bit of a blur.  Bec was the one who had hip replacement surgery on Monday, but when I saw her yesterday afternoon, she looked better than me. Par for the course, I guess. She’s a trooper, that one. She comes by it honestly, as both of my parents suffered a great deal at the end of their lives, and you would never have known it from being with them. Anyway, the surgery went exactly as it was supposed to go. Her surgeon – who looks like he was going to leave the hospital to get ready to go to the Freshman/Sophomore Hop at school – took about two hours to change her life for the better. She got out of the hospital on Tuesday, with a walker, a little plastic container from which she needs to suck air to prevent pneumonia, a couple of medications, and a go-get-em’ attitude……

Jen drove her home and spent the night with her. Aside from not really being able to get comfortable to sleep, she’s doing remarkably well. The pain yesterday was worse than it had been, but her doctor had warned her that it would happen like that as the anesthesia and the pain medication they had injected into her during the surgery wore off. Still, she dutifully walks around and does all of the exercises that she’s supposed to do. Thank you to everyone who sent good thoughts and said prayers. It all worked! However, I’m not sure why I’m tired.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Well, not really, but it has been a chilly week with high temperatures only in the mid-50s and lots of clouds. We even had a drop or two of rain the other night. Today is the first day of warmer temperatures and of the rest of my life too.

Dating Game
Jen has been out here for her annual spring visit with Maggie and her grands. She timed it so that she could be here for Bec’s surgery as well, which was very nice of her. As for her grands, well, Austin and Lilly couldn’t possibly be happier that she’s here. Yesterday, she got permission from Maggie and Austin’s teacher to take him out of school a bit early so that they could have lunch together and she could buy him a Garmin Step Counter to replace the one he broke. He proclaimed to his mother yesterday morning, “I think this is the best day of my life.” …..

On the other hand, Lilly was very put out that she was not included in the date. A very pouty lip and eyes filled with tears. Never mind that Jen told her that they would have a date today. When you’re 4, the next day is never going to come.

Our Year of War
I’m reading a very interesting book entitled Our Year of War: Two Brothers, Vietnam, and a Nation Divided, by Daniel P. Bolger. I’m not generally interested in books about war, but this book is fascinating, not the least because it is the story of two brothers from my home town of Columbus, Nebraska. One of the brothers – Tom Hagel — was in Bec’s class at school. The other – Chuck Hagel — is a couple of years older, and went on to become a United States Senator, and eventually the Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush. I recommend the book.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I showed the kids the picture of Austin in Aumt’s blog this morning and Lilly said, “where is my picture?” Austin said, “everyone in the whole wide world can see me!”

  2. Bec, you go girl! But don’t forget to rest! Kris, nothing is as exhausting as sitting in medical waiting room chairs! Jen, I know you and Lilly will have a fabulous day.

    • Kak, she really is being very good about taking care of herself. She gets up and moves around, but is resting as well. She’s a model patient!

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