It Might Be the Subway Sandwich

This winter – for the first time ever – Bill decided to bring his sports car to Arizona. Ship it, actually. It came inside a huge trailer, the last of all of the sports cars to be delivered……

Since its arrival, Bill has spent nearly every single day working on the car. Don’t ask me what he’s doing; I have no idea. I just know he’s been in the garage nearly every day for almost the whole day. Recently, he emerged – pasty white with pupils the size of dimes from being in the dark — and announced it was ready to be driven.

Since that announcement, we took the car out once. Trust me when I tell you that I am not a dream as a driving partner. I clutch the door handle even when I’m in our Hyundai Sonata, so you can imagine how relaxed I was in the Ferrari 308 that up until recently wasn’t drivable.  But I admitted to him that it was kind of  – sort of – a little – fun.

Yesterday, the sky was blue and the weather forecasters predicted temperatures in the low- to mid-80s. Want to take the car out for a drive? Bill asked me. The car, I knew, being the Ferrari. I took one look at the cerulean sky and thought, why not?.

We decided we would go to Saguaro Lake, about 15 miles or so from our house. It is a beautiful drive and the lake is lovely – sparkling like blue glass. But first we would stop at the Subway that is in our neighborhood shopping center and pick up a sandwich to eat at one of the picnic table overlooking the lake.

It really was the perfect place to take the car. The road is well-maintained, and, to my relief, the speed limit is a reasonable 45 mph. Not that he drove at the speed. If you love to drive, would you be able to stay under 45 in this car? Just sayin’….

We arrived at the lake, parked our car, and walked up to a nearby picnic table. I laid out our lunch and we watched the sea birds fly overhead and the boats race by on the lake as we ate…..

I thought about how much my mother and father would have loved eating a picnic lunch in the exact spot where we sat. I reminded Bill that the last time we had taken a picnic lunch to Saguaro Lake, we had also brought Subway sandwiches. That time our car wouldn’t start when got ready to leave, I laughingly reminded Bill. Sucked to be us that day, huh?

We finished our lunch, cleaned up our table, packed up our picnic bag and got into our car. As an aside, let me just tell you that watching two senior citizens get into a car that sits about a half-inch off the ground doesn’t make for a pretty picture. Though the car is the same one that Tom Selleck drove in Magnum P.I……

Magnum P.I. we are not. That’s a fact. But he looks pretty good, doesn’t he?…..

The other thing that differentiated us from Magnum was that our car wouldn’t start. True story: we have taken Subway sandwiches to Saguaro Lake exactly two times, and exactly two times, our car wouldn’t start afterwards.

Could it be the Subway Sandwich Curse?

To my relief, Bill diagnosed the car as being vapor locked (whatever that is), did something to the engine using my bottle of water, and the car started.

We had a wonderful day and an enormously pleasant lunch. But next time I go to Saguaro Lake for a picnic, I’m stopping at Taco Bell.

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