Saturday Smiles: Pooping More Pom Poms

You remember a couple of weeks ago, I told you how Merlin-the-Very-Naughty-Dog ate the boobly off of the stocking hat I made Joseph for Christmas. Remember Merlin…..




Remember the burgundy pom pom….


Well, being the good nana that I am, I made a couple more booblies — a burgundy one and a navy blue one — and mailed them to Joseph and Micah. A few days later I talked to Heather and asked her if the box had arrived.

“Well, yes it did,” she said hesitantly. “It’s a funny thing. We let Joseph select which one he wanted first, and he chose the blue one. So we gave the burgundy one to Micah. And within five minutes, we turned around and Merlin was eating the burgundy one.”

Clearly, despite what people think, dogs are not color blind. Merlin definitely prefers burgundy yarn to navy blue.

Bad Merlin.

Have a great weekend.


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