Saturday Smile: Pooping Pom Poms

Yesterday morning I arose early as usual. I was just putting on coffee when I heard my cell phone make the noise indicating I had a text message. I looked at the clock. It was exactly 6 o’clock. So here’s how my brain works: I thought to myself, there is no good to come from an early morning text message. And the fact that it’s exactly 6 o’clock tells me that someone was waiting until what they considered a reasonable hour given my early morning proclivities. So the text is undoubtedly going to bear bad news. I seriously concluded my thought process thusly: I am going to finish making the coffee because the rest of my day is going to be spent responding in some manner to whatever the text says and whomever the text is from.

Isn’t it hard to be me?

As it turns out, the text was from my daughter-in-law Lauren, or at least from her cell phone. Here is what the text said, verbatim:

Merlin eate my pompom on 1-13-2016 can you make me a new one. Thanks.

So, Merlin is the dog……


And for Christmas, I made a stocking cap for Joseph that included what most people call a pom-pom, but we grew up calling a boobly…..


I quickly surmised that the message was from Joseph, and that Merlin-the-Very-Naughty-Dog had gotten a hold of his hat and ate the boobly. Suddenly the message was no longer scary, but instead resulted in me grinning. I especially liked the part where he gave the specific date of the incident, indicating that he will perhaps be a police officer some day, even though he got the year wrong; after all, he’s only 7.

And I have started working on a replacement boobly! Keep it away from Merlin. A dog can only eat so much yarn.

Have a great weekend.