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Hidden Pleasure
Bec and I went yesterday and saw Hidden Figures, the movie about African American women who were involved in the space program. O.M.G. It really was such a great movie, and so uplifting. I don’t 316421main_road2apollo-04_fullknow how it came out of Hollywood! I won’t tell you much because you probably already know the plot. But I will just highly recommend it, for many reasons. Afterwards, Bec and I went to have a Coke so that we could talk about the movie, which is the best thing about going to the movies with someone — talking about it afterwards. We both have such clear memories of the early space program. We recalled being glued to the television set as we watched those huge rocket ships take off. We were all familiar with the astronauts who helped make the U.S. space program a success. What a time it was in our country’s history. We both agreed that there is literally nothing that binds our country together now in the same way as the space program did back in the 1960s. But the movie isn’t really about the space program, but about the racial and gender inequality. It wasn’t preachy, just astounding and exhilerating, and the acting was tremendous. Everyone should take your children for many reasons. These were real-life heroes too.


Neighborhood Dining
Bill and I met my brother and his wife for dinner last night. We had made plans to go to an Italian deli not too far from either their or our house, but that didn’t pan out for a variety of reasons. So instead we went to a neighborhood joint called Rosati’s, which is a chain around here that features pizza and pasta, and is Chicago-based. It’s in the same shopping center as our Basha’s store to which I walk nearly every day. As we walked home, Bill and I talked about how much we like having a neighborhood restaurant where you can go have a beer and a pizza or some meatballs and walk home again. It sort of feels like a small town. I am, however, going to have to try the Italian deli that didn’t work out last night, as I am on a never ending quest to find an Italian sub sandwich as good as the one about which I spoke in this blog post a few years ago.

Not My Mom and Dad
And as we sat there talking, somehow the conversation turned to sex, specifically, how old were we when we learned about it. Both Dave and Bill agreed that they learned about sex the old-fashioned way – from their friends. As a result, Dave admitted that he had some faulty information for quite some time. He didn’t specify what that info was, nor did I ask. I did admit, however, that I was a SOPHOMORE IN HIGH SCHOOL before I learned the facts of life. It was in religion class and one of the priests played a recorded album in which it was explained the specifics of where babies come from. I am only somewhat ashamed to admit that I WAS FULL-OUT STUNNED. Yes, my friends, I was, what?, 15 years old or so and I had no idea about the facts of life. Suffice it to say that my mother (may God rest her loving soul) was not nicknamed the Great Communicator, at least when it came to the facts of life. Now, let someone criticize her children or her football team, and she could communicate plenty well.

The weather forecasters are very excited because there is actual weather change in the forecast. While it’s true that it rarely gets below freezing in the Phoenix metro area even in December or January, northern AZ can have cold temperatures and a fair amount of snow. They were agog last night because snowfall in the neighborhood of a foot is expected north of Phoenix, and as low as 5,000 feet in altitude. Here in the valley, temps are expected to hover around highs of 58 or so throughout this week and next. It’s funny, because if I look at Denver’s temps and if it’s 58, I think, wow, they are having nice weather. However, if the temperature is 58 here, I am decked out in a sweater and wrapped in an afghan.


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