Saturday Smile: After the Thrill is Gone

No matter which candidate you were supporting in Tuesday’s election, the past few days have been tumultuous at best. So much anger, fear, joy, and uncertainty, as much as I’ve ever seen in my 62 years on earth following a presidential election.

But as President Obama told us on Wednesday following the election, it’s finished. Now is the time to look ahead. As for me, I will be praying for our president-elect, for his family, for the safety of both the president-elect and Secretary Clinton, and for our country.

As things begin to settle down a bit, a couple of things came to my attention over the past few days that made me smile.

First, on the day following the election, our son Dave posted this quote from an unknown author….

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on its own wings.

I’m not entirely sure just what the mysterious author meant, but what I’m taking it to mean, at least as it relates to the past few days, is that you have to have trust in people, but most of all, you have to have trust in yourself. I have heard a lot of angst about what kind of role models for our kids either of the candidates are or would be. The bottom line, as far as I can see, is that we have to rely on ourselves to be the role models for our kids and our grandkids. Always have. Always will. We can’t leave that up to others. We have to model love and forgiveness and honesty and decency and morality; we can’t rely on others. Our kids learn from us.

The second thing I want to share is something that my sister Bec sent me the day after the election. It comes from a Catholic priest, one of whom she greatly admires. So it has a Catholic bent, but I think Fr. Kevin’s words will be meaningful to anyone with faith in God….

And finally, my daughter-in-law Lauren sent this to me Thursday night, recognizing that after this chaotic week, I could perhaps use a laugh. And laugh, I did, at the dance moves of my sweet 4-year-old grandson Micah, who was born with perfect rhythm. Be patient; he really gets going about 33 or 34 seconds in (not that I’ve watched it 18 or 20 times)….

Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: After the Thrill is Gone

  1. I loved the priest’s article. Read a lot today and there seems to be both some settling and perspective, and also a great deal of nonsense. I have learned the word “Crybully” which is so true and also makes me laugh. Everyone is away this weekend and am feeling contemplative, so thanks for your perspective!

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