Friday Book Whimsy: The Last Moriarty

searchThere are dozens of authors who have taken on the task of recreating Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s great detective Sherlock Holmes. In fact, I was shocked when I went on Amazon to try and figure out how many Sherlock Holmes-related books there are in existence. The most interesting to me is a fairly recent addition to the offerings – Mycroft Holmes — actually a mystery involving Sherlock’s brother Mycroft written by – wait for it – basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Who knew?

For reasons that I have never quite figured out, as much of a mystery fan as I am, I have never gravitated towards Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books, which, of course, have almost a cult following. I mean to give them another try, as my interest in the great detective has been piqued again by both the PBS show Sherlock and the CBS show Elementary.

For this reason, I decided to give The Last Moriarty, by Charles Veley, a try when it showed up as an offering in my daily Goodreads Deals email a while back. I’m really ever so glad I did.

Veley didn’t contemporize the detective as does the CBS program Elementary. But he does throw in a few surprises, which for my part, I will not give away.

The two men who reside at one of the most famous addresses in London – 221B Baker Street – have been put to work on several cases. The most important involves the safety of some of the most important businessmen from the United States, including John D. Rockefeller, who have come to London for a meeting involving the national security of both countries. It seems, however, that though Holmes’ prime nemesis, Moriarty, is, in fact dead, one of Moriarty’s trenchmen has escaped from prison and is out to continue Moriarty’s work. At the same time, a young woman with a link to Sherlock’s past, makes an appearance. Together, the three attempt to save their friends from this evil enemy.

Veley’s book read easily, and the plot moved in an interesting manner. The addition of Lucy James to the Sherlock/Watson team provided a nice change, and an indication that there will be more books to come.

Good reading.

Here is link to the book.