A Tale of Two Cities

You might recall that the visit from my friend Megan got cut short because she learned ON FRIDAY that her plane ON SATURDAY was cancelled due to a snow storm which, at the point of cancellation, hadn’t produced a single flake of snow.

I know I sound bitter, but I’m really not; just confused. Because anybody who has spent even one winter in Colorado knows that the weather forecast is unreliable. Furthermore, even if you know snow is likely, where it is going to fall in the metro area is anyone’s guess. The foothills can get a foot of snow while central Denver gets a sprinkling.

But I don’t work for United Airlines nor am I a meteorologist. So, well, I’ll get a grip.

Saturday morning I Face Timed with 7-year-old Kaiya.

“How’s the weather?” I asked her.

“It’s snowing,” she proclaimed. She took her iPad over to the window, flipped the camera, and showed me that there was a good six or seven inches of snow on their patio furniture.

So, as evidence that I’m, in fact, NOT getting a grip, I will tell you that since the weather the previous days in Colorado had been quite warm, while snow was sticking to the patio table, it likely wasn’t sticking to the grass or pavement. Okay, so now I’m going to get a grip.

“You look really snuggly in your pajamas,” I said to her. “Are you nice and warm?”

“Yes,” she said. “But I have on three pairs of pajamas.”

Alrighty then.

I took my iPad over to our Mesa house’s back window and flipped my own camera to show her the blue sky and the blooming flowers.

Her two words indicated what I know is EVERY COLORADO RESIDENT’S sentiment right about now.

“Oh man,” she said.

I haven’t worn anything but flip flops since late in February. I have a farmer’s tan on my feet. We’re running the air conditioner. More cacti and desert plants burst into bloom every day. See…….

walking from mailbox prickly pear flowers more prickly pear flowers

Saturday afternoon, I got a text message from my sister Jen who had just returned from the grocery store. Anyone who has lived in a place in which a lot of snow can fall knows that just as soon as the news media begins talking about (fill in the blank) inches of snow, mayhem ensues. People go absolutely crazy. For some reason, they all rush to the store and buy the same things – toilet tissue, canned tomatoes, milk, and eggs. This is true even for people who don’t like milk and eggs. And seriously? Do people really let themselves get down to only the toilet tissue that is currently on the roll in their bathroom? Because the snow will be gone in a few days, people.

Anyhoo, Jen sent me these two photos….

no onions

no tomatoes

Here is the text Jen included with the photo of the empty shelf where canned tomatoes should be: Eek! Canned tomato shortage. I knocked an elderly woman and a small child out of the way to get mine.

I’m pretty sure she was kidding.

As for those of us lucky enough to be in the Valley of the Sun, we still obsess about a terrible wind storm we got this past winter….


By the way, at Megan’s house, they only got an inch of snow. Now I’m getting a grip.

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5 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Cities

  1. There was a man at the store that day practically running with his cart…..like Armageddon was impending. I sure hope he was just running late for work.
    I love the picture with Superstition Mountain framed on our street.

  2. LOl! I really enjoyed your post! I’m visiting from Grandma’s Briefs. Fellow Grandmother here–I moved from NYC to Colorado to be close to grandchildren. I live on the Front Range in the Denver area, and yes, we got 17 inches of snow Saturday through Sunday! Thankfully the streets were cleared quickly and I was not home bound.at all. The predictions for our area was 2-4 feet so we felt grateful it wasn’t that bad. My sister and family and my husband’s sister and family live in Phoenix suburbs so they always tease us about the snow, but I’ll take the cooler weather here over the summer heat there any time. As I get older I can’t seem to tolerate heat as much. When I lived in NYC the summer humidity wwas the worse.

  3. I love your pictures and it looks so beautiful in Az. My son lives in Denver. They had rented a condo in the mountains and were hosting a party on the weekend…it got cancelled but my son & his family still went since they had paid for it. Horrible drive getting there & then the ski slopes were even closed because of the avalanche threat! They said they still had a lot of fun anyway, but you are right about how crazy the Co weather is. So sorry about your friend’s trip. It does seem like they cancelled the flight too early.

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