Saturday Smile: The Trouble with Tucson

Megan takes a much better selfie than I!

Megan takes a much better selfie than I!

Since we bought our house in Arizona, I have been wanting to visit Tucson. People rave about this southern Arizona city — the home of the University of Arizona.

Bill and I went one time to see what Tucson was like. We were, frankly, disappointed. But to be fair, we drove down on I-10 for lunch and had no idea where we should go or what we should do. So we ate lunch and headed home, again on I-10, kind of wondering what all the fuss was about.

The past few days, my friend Megan has been visiting us from Denver. She has relatives in Tucson and has spent a considerable amount of time visiting that community. So in addition to the fun we had here and getting the chance to see our Arizona house, she was excited to take me for a day trip to Tucson so she could show me the town.

We took a scenic route between Phoenix and Tuscon which we both enjoyed very much.

She had recollection of a Mexican restaurant from which her uncle would bring home delicious Mexican food. It was called St. Mary’s Restaurant. We found the restaurant (what did we in the days before Google Maps?), ordered, and ate our yummy meals, excited to begin our Tucson sightseeing.

St. Mary's Restaurant, Tucson, Arizona

St. Mary’s Restaurant, Tucson, Arizona

But, alas, it was not to be. Following lunch, Megan casually checked her email and learned that United Airlines had CANCELED HER FLIGHT. Her flight that wasn’t scheduled until the NEXT DAY. Yes friends, they canceled the flight in ANTICIPATION of the snow in Colorado, something I don’t recall ever happening before. They suggested catching a flight out yesterday afternoon or evening.

Which she did. She quickly made a flight reservation, and instead of our lovely tour of Tucson, we got onto I-1o and hightailed it home just in time for her to briskly stuff her clothes back into the suitcase, give quick hugs goodbye, and head for the airport.

I’m beginning to doubt that there is any more to Tucson than a couple of restaurants.

But spending the past few days with my good friend made me smile.

Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: The Trouble with Tucson

  1. Go to the Saguaro National Park in Tucson! It’as so interesting! I blogged about it recently.

    There is also a beautiful mission in the Tucson area—

    In all fairness the predictions for the weekend storm were really ominous. After the terrible blizzard we had a few weeks ago where people were stranded in the DIA airport for days I think the airlines were worried it would happen again.

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