Guest Post: Driving Fast

By Bill McLain

Bill Hot Laps 2 4.16Three hot laps at Phoenix International Raceway. That was my Christmas gift from my son and daughter-in-law, David and Jll. Just like with all race cars participating in NASCAR, I had to enter the blue and white race car through the passenger side window opening, no easy task. There was no side window either, just a net, presumably to keep me in the car should the need arise (e.g., the car flips over). After I was buckled in, off we went out of the pits and onto the race track itself. The impression of speed and power was remarkable, and together with the sound of the lightly muffled engine, it made the ride one that I will not soon forget. Although the track is banked in the corners, centrifugal force had me hugging the passenger door (or where a door would be if there had been one), and my head pushed against the right side of the helmet. This may sound unpleasant, but it wasn’t.  It merely increased the sensation of speed and kept the adrenaline pumping.

The attached video will give you some idea of this experience, but to get the full benefit, you should “just do it.”

Nana’s Notes: My role was designated observer, and it was really fun to watch. I had wondered whether Bill would wish he could drive (another option that some were doing). However, at the end of it I knew (and he confirmed) that it was more fun to leave the driving to the professional driver. The people who were driving were being understandably more cautious, while Bill FLEW by. Those who know me and have seen how nervous a passenger I am will be surprised to learn that I think it would be fun to do what Bill did on Saturday. 

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7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Driving Fast

  1. Oh WOW!!! My husband would LOVE this as a gift. We are also Nascar Fans and he owns a Drag Racing car that his son drives for him so racing is a part of this family a lot of weekends. I was laughing at the comments!! Too cute. Fitting through that window would be a challenge for my hubby! haha. Great gift and I enjoyed the video, I will show Bob when he gets home today.

  2. Oh wow! Every little boys fantasy. Who doesn’t want to be a NASCAR driver?!
    Really awesome that her got to do that. I am NOT telling my husband – he would be completely jealous!

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