Saturday Smile: Spring Break Travels

When we were in Denver this past weekend, all of our Colorado grands were at the tail end of their Spring Breaks. As you might recall, Kaiya and Mylee spent Saturday night at our house. For reasons I will never quite understand, those two girls think sleepovers at Nana’s are something special. They love packing their little suitcases for the night at our house, which is maybe 15 minutes south of us.

Court told me that he asked Mylee Monday night after her first day back from Spring Break whether any of her kindergarten classmates had done anything fun for spring break.

“Yes,” she told him. “Some played video games, and some took a trip. You know, like we took a trip to Nana’s house.”

Sweet girl. So easy to please.

Mylee in pjs 12.15

Have a great weekend.

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