Saturday Smile: Goblins and Whatnot

I know that Halloween was a whole week ago and we are now focused on Christmas (seemingly forgetting about Thanksgiving in between unless it has something to do with whether or not your favorite store is opened or closed).


Nevertheless, seeing my grands dressed up for trick-or-treating is what made me smile this past week.

Here they are…..

Kaiya is Skelita Calaveris from Monster High.

Kaiya Skelita 2015

Mylee is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo.

Mylee Leonardo 2015

Cole is Clark Kent in the process of becoming Superman (and eating Rolos).

Cole Clark Kent 2015

The McLains are a scary group. From left…Alastair is a so-called “bad guy” (his real costume included a hood and mask), Uncle Allen is Uncle Allen, Addie is a sunny-side up egg, Dagny is Carmen Miranda, Aunt Julie is the Queen of Hearts, and Maggie Faith is a spider-witch (wouldn’t want to meet one of those on a dark night).

Mclains halloween 2015

And in Vermont, Lauren is a witch, Joseph is Cilan from Pokemon, and Heather and Micah are construction workers, complete with a truck.

Hibbert McLains 2015

Lots of fun and lots of candy.

Have a good weekend.

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