Thursday Thoughts

Tuesday night at 7:30, our doorbell rang. These days it’s starting to get dark at 7:30, so I couldn’t imagine who would be visiting us. I cautiously looked out my peephole because I fully intended not to answer the door – or at least make sure that Bill was standing next to me if I did – unless I knew who it was. Standing on my front porch was the cutest Cub Scout you’ve ever seen, minus his Cub Scout uniform. It was Alastair. And it was that time of year. Boy Scout Popcorn time. Forty bucks for three bags of popcorn. But did I mention it was Alastair? Could you have said no to this face?……..

10325415_10203234870568741_4144293279571499963_n (3)

Breaking Up
bill and parisi sandwichI might owe a few of you apologies for yesterday’s blog, in which I led with a paragraph about breaking up. I quickly went on to say that it was my hair stylist with whom I was ending a relationship. However, after I posted it on Facebook, I noticed that it was really misleading. You see, FB doesn’t let you choose which photo it posts. So all my Facebook friends initially saw was a photo of Bill and the first paragraph about breaking up. I got more hits on my blog from Facebook than I think I ever have. Apparently people thought my marriage was ending. My apologies, and please know that in the unlikely event that my marriage should end, you will never, ever find out on Facebook. Especially not with a picture of a smiling Bill holding a delicious sandwich. I would definitely edit the sandwich out.

For It’s One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out
Yesterday evening, Bill was invited to join Dave and two of his kids – Dagny and Alastair – at the Rockies game. Neither Bill nor I are particularly baseball fans, though we do enjoy the spring training games in Mesa during the month of March. But MAN, it’s not every day you get a chance to enjoy a game on a lovely late summer night with your son and grandkids. So he was excited to say yes.  Dagny was even tossed a practice ball…

rockies game

Rolled Up
In two simple photos, I can show you one of the immense differences between neat and tidy Bill and his wife, Pigpen Kris. I will simply show you how we roll up the hose in the backyard. Here’s the hose when Bill rolls it up….

hose bill rollup

Here’s the hose when I roll it up….

hose my rollup

Need I say more?

School Bell’s Ringing
And the last of my grandkids’ back-to-school photos, with Micah starting preschool….

MIcah first day 2015

Hurricane Season
Court and Alyx are refinancing their home. Because of this, they are required to get a new appraisal. As you would expect, they are hoping for a good number, so they have both been frantically getting their house ready for the inspection. I got a text message from Alyx yesterday afternoon asking if I could possibly pick up the girls from school so that she could keep cleaning, pointing out that it was somewhat difficult to get a lot done with Cole as her helper. As proof, she sent me this photo…..

cole devil (2)

Seriously, have you ever seen a child look more mischievous? That is a boy who loves his work.


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