Saturday Smile: Look Who’s a Bandido

The school attended by Kaiya and Mylee — Willow Creek Elementary — offers lunch that you might choose to buy on any given day. Wednesday is pizza day, and therefore the one day that both girls want to buy lunch. I mean, PIZZA. The process is that each child has a number, and they give the number to the lunchroom person, and the money is then taken from that child’s account.

Kaiya, who is in second grade, is used to this process. It’s, of course, all new to Mylee, who just started kindergarten. Last Wednesday morning when Court and I had breakfast, he told me Mylee was going to buy lunch for the first time. He expressed concern that she certainly didn’t have her account number memorized as did her sister, so he wasn’t sure how it was going to work.

That evening, I texted him and asked how things went with Mylee’s lunch. Here is the text I got back from him….

Well, she ate. She didn’t give them her name or number though so we’re pretty sure she stole it.

What can I say? Mylee’s a perp……

I'd say this sweet little face doesn't remind me of a bandido, but looks can be deceiving....

I’d say this sweet little face doesn’t remind me of a bandido, but looks can be deceiving….

And speaking of sweet little faces, here is a photo of Joseph’s first day of school in Montpelier…..

Joseph first day school 2015

He looks as happy as the other grands did on their first day of school. Go figure.

Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Look Who’s a Bandido

  1. The innocent looking perps are always the worst ones. I bet she did a “ninja” move during the heist. 😂

  2. I hate to burst your bubble, but lunch line at my school was ABC order by classroom……..All she had to do was stand and look cute. By process of elimination, she had to be Mylee!

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