Amazing Arizona Activities

Last year when we were leaving Arizona to return to Denver, I wrote a blog post about the things that I would miss. You can read my thoughts in 2014 in this link, because I will miss those very same things in 2015.

This time I am going to give you what I consider to be the highlights of our winter stay in Arizona these past few months.  So, in no particular order…..

Outdoor Kitchen

Kris at barYou might have heard a rumor that Bill built an outdoor kitchen this year. He wants me to start calling it a barbecue island, but I’m not quite there yet. Anyway, it is something I have wanted in at least one of my houses for a long time. Though it took him longer than either one of us anticipated to complete, the finished product is perfect. I have used it a number of times already, and it will get great use every winter.


Bill will undoubtedly proclaim his two NASCAR races were a highlight for him.

Alastair enjoys a beer and a cigar while Dad's away for a bit! Of course he didn't really, but Bill and Allen couldn't help but tease a bit.

Alastair enjoys a beer and a cigar while Dad’s away for a bit! Of course he didn’t really, but Bill and Allen couldn’t help but tease a bit.

In November, both of his sons, our grandson Alastair, and my brother David spent the entire weekend at the race living in Bill’s son Dave’s RV. It was a dream come true for Bill. He and my brother Dave also went to the March NASCAR race, and though they didn’t spend the weekend, they apparently had a great time. Both are enjoying spending Jeff Gordon’s last season with him.

Family Gatherings

As usual, we had our share of family celebrations. It seems even when we don’t have a particular thing to celebrate, the Gloor clan still manages to gather. I was able to see a great deal of many of my Arizona nieces, nephews, great-nieces, great-nephews, and, of course, my siblings. Our family gatherings are full of joy, and I have mentioned before that nothing makes me happier than seeing the little cousins together. It would have made my mom and dad so happy to see their great grandchildren playing with one another. My mom, in particular, believed in the importance of family.

Visit from Zierks

kaiya mylee austinThis year Bill and I had January visitors, namely, our son Court and his family. We had so much fun showing them around this area that we love so much. It also made me very happy that Kaiya and Mylee got a chance to play with many of their Arizona cousins. Mylee and Austin bonded over Ninja turtles, and Kaiya got in some winter swimming!



We vowed this year we were going to do some traveling – day trips as well as several-day-trips. While we didn’t do as many as we’d hoped, we did make a very fun day trip to Globe and of course, we took our spectacular trip to Disneyland.

kris bill mater 2015

Nothing more really needs to be said.


Glorious Weather

Finally, I must tell you that I think our weather this winter has been particularly beautiful. Last winter might have been a bit warmer, but this year was pretty darn good. We had temperatures creep up into the 90s on several occasions, but for the most part, we haven’t had to run the air conditioner much at all. And the only time I turned on the heat was several mornings in January. It’s such a luxury to experience nice weather here, and then go home to Denver to more nice weather. I hope.

Wish us luck on our travels!

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  1. My heart is sad this week for our AZ family to see you go. But your CO family can’t wait to have you back! 💕 Safe travels.

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