What’s It Weigh?

I remember many years ago when our son Allen was preparing for a lengthy trip to Europe in which he knew he would be backpacking, taking trains, riding his bike, sleeping in hostels or camping. In other words, he didn’t want to be responsible for a lot of stuff. Bill still talks about watching Allen pack the backpack that he would be hauling around for the next few months (which actually ended up being years). Allen would pick up an object and carefully check its weight by feel. If it felt too heavy and didn’t seem essential, he tossed it aside. Weight versus value.

As we prepare to return to Denver for the summer and fall months in a couple of days, I am very conscious about what should stay in Arizona and what should come with us. Our car is a sedan. While the trunk is fairly large, it can only hold so much. This isn’t the 1970s where you could fit an entire African village into the trunk of your Mercury Marquis.

Bill and I have really tried over the past few years as we’ve commuted back and forth to figure out what to purchase here so that we don’t have to carry things back and forth. Still, there is always something. This year, for example, I bought a set of outdoor rocking chairs here in Arizona. Our patio is small, and while it fits one of them, two additional chairs is out of the question. So we are hauling back a box containing a rocking chair, which I will undoubtedly enjoy on my beautiful patio in Denver. Still, a rocking chair. Even flat in a box it takes up a considerable amount of room.

So we are undertaking our version of “checking the weight.” My IPOD dock….stay or go? I use it both places, but does it make any sense to carry it back and forth? We landed on the side of no. So my speakers will live in Mesa over the hot summer and I will be in the market for a new docking station in Denver. (And let me just tell you that writing those words makes me feel very Star Warian.)

stacking clothesEvery winter and spring, while in Arizona, I buy new warm-weather clothes with the intention of leaving them here. And yet, each year as we pack to go back to Denver, I look at those nice new clothes, remember the boring and shabby clothes that hang in my Denver closet, and begin tossing shirts and flip flops into my suitcase. Now, I just need to begin doing something about those worn and/or boring clothes in Denver. Goodwill? Trash can?

Bill is the same way about tools. He bought a number of tools this year to

....and we haven't even really begun!

….and we haven’t even really begun!

use while building the outdoor kitchen. Stay or go? He is still deciding. I’m putting my money on go.

I can assure you this…..no matter how careful we are, we will end up looking like the Clampetts, with our trunk full of suitcases and tools and kitchen supplies and books, and our back seat full of boxes of food that I simply can’t throw away and we can CERTAINLY use in Denver.

Hey, here’s a thought. Remember how Granny Clampett sat in a rocking chair in the bed of the beat-up old pickup truck? She made it all the way from some Appalachian state or another to Beverly Hills without losing her hat. Maybe that’s the answer for our rocking chair. I will put it on the hood and sit in it all the way from Arizona to Denver like Granny Clampett.

Our kids would be so proud.

Have a gander at this and think of us….


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  1. I don’t believe the Clampetts were wearing their seat belts on their cross country trip. Ah, the 1960s . Seat belts were just something we sat on top of if the car had them. Please wear your seat belts on your way back to CO!

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