I’m a big fan of lists. Not necessarily keeping my own lists, though I do make grocery lists and lists of things I must get done on the rare occasions when this retired Baby Boomer actually is busy. But I love reading top 10 (or 20, or 30) whatevers, or lists of really anything.

Recently I came across a list of things that one should purchase at the dollar store. (What do they cost? One dollah!)

I am a big fan of Dollar Tree as you may know if you’re a Nana’s Whimsies reader. I have learned over the period of time since I discovered dollar stores that they make their money because some of the things they offer aren’t worth even a dollar, while other things might be good purchases. It evens out, apparently.

Here is the list of things that should be purchased at dollar stores, according to, well, some list maker somewhere:

Greeting cards

Party supplies

Gift bags

Seasonal décor

Reading glasses

Hair accessories

Pregnancy tests

Vases and bowls

Mugs and glassware


I heartily concur with this list. In fact, I believe I have bought every one of these items in some form or other from Dollar Tree. Well, except for the pregnancy test. That ship has sailed, thank you God.

I often think if my name wasn’t Kris McLain, I wish it was Kris Hallmark, as in Hallmark cards. This isn’t a dis on Hallmark. Their cards are lovely. In fact, in the old days before I got crabby and cheap, I would look at the Hallmark cards and when I found the one that caused me to tear up, that was my purchase. For $4.95.

Now that I’m crabby and cheap (I like to think of it as being happiness-challenged and practical), I have consistently noticed that my grandkids (well really EVERYONE to whom I give a present) looks at the card to see who the gift giver is, and then quickly tosses the card aside with the wrapping paper (which, by the way, I have concluded isn’t a good thing to buy at Dollar Tree). They might read the verse just to be kind, but the card is quickly forgotten.

Frankly, I do the same thing. Bill will get me the loveliest card for our anniversary. I read it, tear up (he has a way of finding the perfect verse), display the card on my dresser, and never look at it again until I throw it away a week or so later.

That, my friends, is not money well spent in my humble opinion. So I have taken to purchasing my cards at Dollar Tree. For one dollar, I can express my birthday greetings and not give one small whit when they toss it aside.

So, I purchased all of my Valentine’s Day cards for my grandchildren at Dollar Tree. I actually spent a bit of time finding the right card for the right grandchild. Then I took my nine cards to the checkout and forked over my $4.50 TOTAL. They were two for a dollar! A bargain, even for Dollar Tree.


It’s embarrassing how happy this makes me.

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  1. That’s a great list. I rarely go into a dollar store but my fav purchase ever from one is several battery operated strings of Christmas lights. I put one string last season in a big vase with big silver ornaments and loved how it looked.

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