Pretty in Pink

kitchenaidIf you placed my feet on the fire and forced me to tell you what kitchen appliances I couldn’t live without, top of the list would be my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

That’s somewhat of an exaggeration, as I have lived without it here in Arizona for four years, but that has been four years too many. When we arrived earlier this winter, I vowed that I was going to purchase a Kitchen Aid mixer immediately.

Well, immediately turned into a month-and-a-half later, and only one thing could bring it to a head. Not bread making, though heaven knows it is so much easier to make bread using the Kitchen Aid. Still, even with my arthritic wrists, I can knead bread.

No, my friends, what sent me to my Ipad to see what was available on Craig’s List was the desire to make shortbread cookies – something daunting ONLY if you don’t have a Kitchen Aid mixer.

Valentine’s Day, you see, and cookies to pack up to send the grandkids and all…..

I must tell you that this is the first time I have actually purchased something off of Craig’s List. And this journey into the World of Craig’s List comes shortly after the news reports about the elderly Georgia husband and wife who were brutally murdered following what they presumed would be an innocent Craig’s List transaction. They expected a 1966 Mustang and got the Pearly Gates instead.

But I got such a DEAL! Only $150 for a 5-qt. Artisan Kitchen Aid. Sells at Kohl’s for $349! My only hesitation was its color.

Pink, you see.

Pink. But 150 bucks! It will live in a cupboard in our garage most of the time, so what do I care, really? And pink is in my color wheel, after all. And it’s certainly in my granddaughters’ color wheels.

I approached the transaction cautiously, though the seller didn’t seem quite as nervous as I. She willingly gave me her home address and told me to come over whenever was convenient. Had I been a murderer, I could have packed up my hatchet and/or firearm and headed over to their house. I’m not, however. I’m just a nana who wants to make Valentine cookies for her grandkids.

The seller was a tired-looking woman who told me she is selling the mixer so that she can get an even BIGGER one since she just had her fifth child. And they just got a new puppy. “I need to make two loaves of bread for my growing family, you see,” she said, “and this isn’t quite big enough.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, with five kids – the youngest being 3 months old – I would be purchasing my bread from Walmart. My best guess is she and her husband and five kids are of the Morman faith. Mormans are prominent around these parts, and, well, five kids, and the possibility for even more suggested by her statement that she has a “growing family.” Yoiks.

I wonder if she bought the pink mixer when she only had two kids, and it made her feel pretty. After five, it would take a visit from Coco Chanel to make her feel pretty. She only feels tired. In fact, that might be why she wasn’t too worried about a murderer. “Kill me, PLEASE.”

I must admit the pink color doesn’t particularly make me feel mixer 2pretty. When I first brought it out into the sunlight, Bill – who was afraid to go into the house of someone who CHOSE a pink Kitchen Aid and sent me in alone to face the prospect of mayhem – it didn’t seem all that pink. In fact, Bill pointed out that the color wasn’t as bad as he had envisioned, which apparently was Pepto Bismol pink.

But when we got it into our house, well, the pink sort of shone forth – not Pepto Bismol, but not Pink Champagne either. More along the lines of my granddaughters’ leotards and ballet shoes. I can live with it.

Having said all this, I am happy to have a Kitchen Aid mixer here as well as in Denver. However, my mixer in Denver is old, and so much superior to this new pink mixer despite the fact that this is a higher-grade model. The utensils on my mixer in Denver are heavy, possibly enamel-coated cast iron. These are light-weight, definitely not cast iron. And it just doesn’t seem to have as much oomph. But I put it on a higher speed and it does the job.

I sound 90 years old, but they just don’t make them the way they used to. But they make them in pink.



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  1. I like the pink! I probably wouldn’t buy it because they have so many color options, but just so you know I like the vintage feel and I’m not crazy (I don’t think…)

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