Saturday Smile: Man Cannot Live on Bread Alone

austin breadJen came into town yesterday to celebrate Lilly’s first birthday at a party this afternoon. There is so much bustling going on over at Maggie’s house that it seems like the queen might be coming.

Bill and I picked her up from the airport because Maggie had to work last night — she serves food at a very good restaurant. Because Jen understandably wanted to see Maggie, we decided to go to that restaurant for dinner.

And because she also wanted to see her grandkids last night, we stopped by the house so she could give Austin and Lilly hugs and kisses. When Austin heard we were having dinner where Mommy works, well, he was soooo going with us.

Not only that, but he immediately began talking about the bread sticks they serve. “I want to eat a LOT of them,” he said.

What’s a lot? we wondered. “TEN,” he told us.

Well friends, he didn’t eat 10, but eat didn’t fall short of that. He was so eager, in fact, that as soon as we sat down, he (true story) noticed the table next to them had bread sticks, and he told his grammy, “I’m going to go get one of their breadsticks.” It was a no-go, of course.

Well, from this children’s menu…..


….he forewent the soup of the day, eschewed the garlic hummus with flatbread, and dismissed the broiled catch of the day (all funny things to see on a children’s menu when you’re used to seeing weinies and mac & cheese), and chose pizza. But, friends, he ate the tiniest little bite from the corner of the pizza because, MAN HE WAS FULL from eating all those breadsticks.

And tired…..

austin sleeping

By the way, the breadsticks are amazing. Slathered in garlic butter and covered with Parmesan cheese. Yum. We each managed to get one apiece.

Have good weekend.

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  1. Austin is growing so fast. I can’t wait to see more pictures from today. Your family’s adventures are the way for this onlooker to start the day.
    Thanks Kris.

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