Friday Book Whimsy: The Time Between

searchLife is too short to read a bad book. This is a mantra oft spoken by this book reviewer, as my readers well know. There are simply too many books to read.

Having said this, it is incumbent upon me to say that what constitutes a good book is in the eye and mind of the reader. That is why there are so many genres of books and so many authors. Often, the very book that I detested turns out to be one that someone else simply loved.

A couple of Fridays ago, I posted my favorite reads of 2014, and asked readers to do the same. From that exercise, I learned that one of my readers (who also happens to be a cousin) appears to have very similar reading tastes to mine. But I was also surprised to see that she mentioned the names of a couple of authors with whom I was familiar but had never read.

One of these is Karen White.

So I decided to give one of White’s books a try. And I had very many from which to choose.  Over 20, in fact. I chose, based on my cousin’s recommendation, The Time Between.

Simply put, it was love at first sight. The Time Between has everything I like in a novel. The characters were interesting and likeable, though not particularly sweet. The story is set in low-country South Carolina, as are many of White’s novels – and we all know how I feel about southern literature. Love it, love it, love it. Though not a mystery, there is an element of mystery, and the reader isn’t let in on the secret until nearly the end. There is a romantic element, but it doesn’t drive the story. And finally, and most important, the ending is hopeful.

The main character, Eleanor, is consumed with guilt from the part she played in a childhood accident that left her beloved sister paralyzed from the waist down. That, along with the extreme sadness she feels at the loss of her father many years before, lead her to an unhappy life, built mostly around caring for her sister and feeling a loss because the man she and her sister both loved chose her sister.

Eleanor agrees to care for her boss’s Aunt Helena whose own beloved sister recently died under mysterious circumstances. Over a period of time, Eleanor learns that Helena has her own secrets, and eventually the two save one another from a life of despondency.

White’s writing is simple and so very beautiful.  Reading her words is like hearing a friend tell you a story.

The best part is that I have very many novels yet to read. There is nothing that makes me happier than discovering a new author, and it’s even better when you discover the author is prolific!

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