A Look at Life From 18 Wheels: Fishing For Spring


A guest post by my truck driving friend, Bob B.

On the road again….although lately you really have to be looking hard to find something interesting.

Spring is popping out all over. We have had temps up into the 90s, and then had The Interstate closed last week due to heavy snow. Nebraska people know what I mean by “The Interstate”, but for those of you not lucky enough to be Cornhuskers (or Bluejays), The Interstate is I-80.

Last week the lilacs started blooming in force, which means –as my dad used to say –the white bass are running on the Wolf River in Fremont, WI. Lilacs blooming always remind me of fishing with Dad and brother Tom.

Then, as soon as the lilacs looked like we were going to have a beautiful, bumper crop of purple blooms, it turned cold and rainy, and then they were gone.

Now the spirea are in bloom. Spirea, the bush with white flowers that look likeSpirea x vanhouttei flowers close klr 04052007 33 miniature wedding bouquets are widespread throughout the Midwest, and are simply awesome in full bloom. Long hedges of spirea grow in both the city and the country. They look like snow covered bushes during the first week of June. Normally, this is quite a sight during the summer but with as long as winter has been hanging on, this year it’s not that impressive. In fact, it might be downright depressing. What? More snow!?

My travels take me past some famous and impressive fishing waters. Nebraska’s lake“Big Mac” Lake McConaughy; South Dakota’s Lakes Francis Case, Lewis and Clark, and huge Oahe; and North Dakota’s Devil’s Lake and Lake Sakakawea. The northern pike and now the walleye runs are heating up. I keep looking for a way to stop and get some fishing in, but it has not worked out…yet. Driving across the dams these reservoirs have is always a thrill in the big truck, especially when the wind is blowing down the lake. Hang on tight.

‘Til next time, turn on those headlights when you need to use your wipers, or at dusk and dawn. Remember, you may be able to see us, but we might not be able to see you. And, when it comes to cars v. semis, semis win, or at least tie. Be safe.

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