Quick Picks Mexican Style

searchIn our family, when we use the word “fiesta,” that always means either Jen or Maggie are cooking up some green chili and refried beans. There may be other things added, but those two items are always present or it isn’t a fiesta.

I have posted Jen’s delicious green chili recipe before on this blog. It’s a great recipe with the unique ingredient being ground beef instead of pork. She learned it from her former mother-in-law and has perfected it. Quite an accomplishment for a fair-skinned woman with blue eyes and blonde hair.

But the ingredient that can’t be changed out, of course, are the green chilis. Jen always uses Hatch’s green chilies that she buys at the end of the summer when they are being roasted throughout Colorado, filling the air with a delicious odor that will take your breath away (quite literally if the capsaicin fills your nostrals). She buys a huge quantity, then spends a day cleaning them and getting them ready to put in the freezer where they will be available to her all year long.

She takes some to Maggie if possible, because for whatever reason, New Mexican chilies are not common in Arizona. And any other chili simply isn’t the same.

So I was delighted when I found these in my neighborhood Whole Foods freezer section…..


Last night I prepared green chili using these chilies and Jen’s recipe. I will admit that while these chilies are very good, they aren’t quite as good as freshly roasted. However, my green chili was quite yummy, albeit not nearly as spicy as I would like it. I highly recommend them in a pinch. Great product.

I filled my tortillas with homemade Quick and Easy Refried Beans, a recipe I have posted before.

Recently my nephew Christopher introduced me to fresh, uncooked tortillas, prepared and ready to finish off at home. The tortillas only need 15 seconds on each side in a very hot skillet until they bubble and become brown. They taste just like Grandma makes (well, someone’s grandma; mine made bratwurst)…..


These tortillas are readily available in Arizona, found in the section where you find canned biscuits. However, I was unable, despite exhaustive research, to find them here until I thought about Costco. Sure enough, they carried them, located near the prepared guacamole. Of course, the package contains enough tortillas to feed a small village in Mexico – 44 to be exact. So I will be doling them out to family and friends.

In the meantime, I have been making suggestions to my various grocery store managers to consider selling this item. I hope you can find them in your markets.




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