Fickle Mistress

final may snow productThey say fate is a fickle mistress. I say Colorado weather is a fickle mistress.

Here is was– the middle of May, and Mother’s Day to boot – and it looked like it could be the middle of January. Snow is the reason we bought a house in Arizona. How DARE it snow in May – and especially when I had plans for Mother’s Day brunch?

It certainly isn’t unusual to have a spring snowstorm. I can think of two major storms that took place in March and April in Colorado. And it isn’t even particularly unusual to have a snow storm in May, much as it pains me to say it. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens. And it happened yesterday.

I was looking forward to our annual trek to the Greenbriar Inn just outside of Boulder in the foothills of Colorado to enjoy Mother’s Day brunch with my sister Jen and my nephew BJ. Bill and I have done it almost every year for a very long time. Our son Court used to join us until he married and started his own family and his own Mother’s Day traditions. We miss him, but not enough to prevent us from enjoying oodles of fresh oysters, millions of mussels, and a plethora of delicious desserts, on top of the normal brunch fare of breakfast and a carving station. Yum.

But yesterday, sometime while we were at Mass, the rain in which we drove to get to church turned to snow, and it snowed for hours. The weather folks told us it was coming, but somehow I was not a believer. It simply couldn’t happen, I thought. Last week I was wearing shorts and t-shirts and playing at parks with my grandchildren. Last week I planted my herbs (luckily in pots that I could bring inside) and last week I began cleaning up my yard. Last week we enjoyed the flower petalssmell of my apple and pear blossoms and watched as the petals rained down on Mylee and Kaiya.

And just to rub salt in the wound, the storm didn’t come until the blossoms had completely fallen off the tree, thereby ensuring that we WILL have apples in the fall. That used to make me happy; now it stresses me because I have to think of a million uses for apples. Stay tuned for recipes on apple butter, apple cakes, apple pies, apple betties, apple sauce, apple hand creams and apple soaps come fall. And that’s not even mentioning the pear tree. Same scenario.

Bill and I spent the day indoors watching old movies and making plans to eat brunch at the Greenbriar next weekend. We did venture out to our neighborhood Mexican restaurant where we enjoyed such typical Mother’s Day fare as taquitos al carbon and chips and salsa, and I had the world’s biggest margarita. It just seemed like the Mother’s Day thing to do.

Nothing says Mother's Day like Taquitos Al Carbon and tequila.

Nothing says Mother’s Day like Taquitos Al Carbon and tequila.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

By the way, though it is definitely only flurries, it is still snowing this morning as I write this blog. It is the winter that won’t quit.

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