Saturday Smile: Laugh Over Broken Glass

As you have been able to tell from my recent blog posts, this has been a busy, but happy, couple of weeks in our lives. There have been pageants and festivals and dances and soccer games and — oh yeah — births. And having spent so much time this past week with my grandkids, I have lots of stories I could tell you that made me laugh.

First I want to show you a picture that made me smile…..

CJ Bundle

Cole is wrapped in a blanket, and then placed inside this swaddling sack. I’m sure that’s not the technical name, but that’s basically what it is. He is perfectly content, but it makes me hyperventilate to think about being wrapped up like that. I commented that he looked like a little burrito, and his mommy, with a nod to her Cambodian heritage, said, “No Nana, he looks like an eggroll.” I guess with his daddy’s Swiss and Polish heritage, you could also say he looks like a little sausage!

But here is the story that made me laugh out loud this week.

Alyx’s labor didn’t begin with contractions; it began when her water broke in the middle of last Sunday night. This somewhat dramatic event got mentioned a number of times over the next few days.

CJ KaiyaOn Monday, Kaiya, being a proud big sister, told her teacher and her class that she had a new baby brother. According to Kaiya’s teacher, this is what Kaiya told her: “My mommy broke a glass of water and then she knew she was having a baby.”

Have a good weekend.

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