Thursday Thoughts

I’m Alive
I’m finally feeling somewhat like I’m back in the land of the living. It was nothing more than a cold, but this one kicked my butt like I was a skinny kid wearing high-water pants on a playground. I’m 95 percent myself, but I coughed with such force that I hurt my back, and that’s what’s been giving me the most grief the past few days. I’m going to do you all a favor and not post the photo of me sick again. That never needs to come out of archives.

Four Eyes
Yesterday I got a text message from my granddaughter Kaiya shortly after she got home from school. Guess what? she asked me. I’m getting glasses!!!!!!! She was very excited, and so I was excited for her. I asked her what kind of glasses she got. Here are her exact words: They are black, and on the top of the frame, it has like neon green and purple and stuff. It made me happy that she seems delighted to be getting glasses, because I recall just how much I hated hearing that news when I was in third grade and cat-eyed glasses were the thing. I guess even at 8 years old, I knew cat-eyed glasses were ugly. Kaiya is the third of my nine grandkids to get glasses.

Dagny was first…..

Then it was Micah’s turn…..

Kaiya is next…..

After she finishes her flexibility exercises. They all look so cute.

Another Cookie?
And speaking of granddaughters, Kaiya and Mylee are both Girl Scouts. What does that mean for this nana? Boxes of Girl Scout cookies to stick in my freezer. Or eat. Bill is partial to the Samoas; I, myself, think the Savannah Smiles are addicting. And then, of course, there are Thin Mints, frozen and delicious. I stepped out of the grocery store last weekend and was greeted by smiling Girl Scout faces. No can do, I told them. I have two granddaughters who will smell disloyalty.

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler
Lent is coming quickly, so I’d better get all of my decadence out of my system in the next few days. Bec will help, as she is having her annual Mardi Gras party on Sunday. I’m bringing the red beans and rice. We always have lots of fun, and there is always a lot of excitement about who stumbles upon the baby in the King Cake.