Thursday Thoughts

Boy Toys
You might as well start getting kids interested in technology at a young age. We watched Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole while their parents attended Curriculum Night at the school. Keeping 16-month-old Cole out of trouble is a full-time job. Papa entertained him with his telephone, and it worked. For a bit.

papa cole telephone

Patriot Madness
ESPN’s story about all of the ways the New England Patriots have cheated over the years makes my head want to explode. I simply don’t understand why the NFL keeps putting up with their shenanigans. Of course, Jen reminds me that as Denver Broncos fans, we can blame almost everything on the New England Patriots. As a matter of fact, one recent day when the stock market was volatile, one of the financial analysts with whom Jen works was grumbling about the role Greece and China were playing in the market fluctuations. Jen told him, “I’m blaming it on the Patriots.”

I Feel Like Dancing
This Monday at 7 o’clock in the evening, I will be glued to my paula-deentelevision as the spring season of Dancing With the Stars commences. I am not even ashamed in the least to admit that I am a fan. For the first time in a while, I will actually have someone for whom I will be rooting. Go Paula Deen! Do it for your old overweight fans. I never did blame you for the honest revelation you made about your inglorious past mistakes. I did blame you, however, for your selection of a PR team to handle the aftermath. Paula, Paula, Paula. Make up for it, Girl, by dancing your tail off! And, by the way, your fried chicken at Lady and Sons in Savannah is amazing!

Outfoxing the Foxes
In addition to their unending efforts to eat the tomatoes out of my garden, our neighborhood foxes have taken to walking around on cars that are sitting on the street or in driveways in our neighborhood. I can’t figure out why they do this, but they, indeed, make the practice a habit. It’s been driving Bill crazy, since his car sits in our driveway and hence, is walked upon almost nightly. You can see their paw prints. He doesn’t find it in the least amusing. He has tried various things to thwart their activities to no avail. Until now……

wolf in window

He printed out this photo of a wolf – with enhanced (and I think quite terrifying) teeth – and places it in the front car window each night. While I literally laughed until I cried the first night, he is now four for four in nights without a visit from the foxes. I wonder if the foxes are asking themselves how the wolf gets into the locked car. Here is a closeup so you can really see how terrifying it is….

wolf closeup

Leave it to Bill.