When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is turn on my computer. As it goes through its gyrations to get to a point where I can open up my email, I walk around and open the blinds and get a pot of coffee perking.

I then go back to my computer and open up Comcast to check my email. It’s important that I look first thing in the morning in case the president tried to contact me to get my assistance in some matter. So far he hasn’t, but you never know.

But to get to email, I must go through Comcast’s home page, which is always full of critical news. The top 10 reasons you shouldn’t drink diet soda, the 20 most dog-friendly cities, why you shouldn’t use punctuation in your text messages. I mean, really. The important stuff.

The other day the news that caught my eye was the television programs that are ending their runs in 2016. Now that was worth making the president wait another few minutes if he was trying to reach me.

I was aware of several of the television shows wrapping up their television time. There is, of course, Downton Abbey. Season 6 will be the end of the road for Lord and Lady Grantham and their minions. I’m hoping Edith will move to London, run her magazine and marry the agent (and can anyone tell me what an agent is?). I also have high hopes that the return of Tom and Sibby means Mary and Tom are going to wind up together. It seems like the only reason Tom and Sibby would have left Boston to return to Downton and Sibby and George should be brother and sisters. It simply has to happen.

Unless you live on Mars, you must be aware that American Idol is in its final season. I’m a devoted fan, but I think it’s time to say bye bye to the show. It’s been fun to watch all of the judges through the years. Ellen DeGeneres was a bad experiment much as I like her. Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey? Who thought that was a good idea? I like the chemistry of the current judges, but the show has just gotten kind of predictable and unexciting. And Bill is disappointed over the fact that they don’t show the bad tryouts anymore.

searchMost of the rest of the 16 shows ending their runs I had never heard of. Banshee? Rectify? I have no clue. There was one show that I wasn’t aware was concluding of which I watch and was somewhat disappointed to hear they were ending – Rizzoli and Isles. The show happens to be the television show that delivers TNT its highest ratings, but apparently that isn’t enough to save it. According to the story, TNT is hoping to go in an “edgier direction.” I don’t know what that means except I’m pretty sure it will entail comic-book-based superheroes, vampires, or slutty female lawyers. I’m also pretty sure I’m not the demographic for the edgier programs they envision. That statement can be confirmed by the fact that I used the word “perking” when talking about making coffee in the first paragraph. Coffee hasn’t perked in 40 years.

Television producers likely spend lots and lots of money before deciding what programs should stay and what programs should go. They, of course, don’t ask for my opinion. Neither, frankly, does the president. It’s probably a good thing too.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but think that anyone of any age would be hard pressed to not laugh at Lucy Ricardo doing the commercial spot for Vitameatavegamin in one episode of I Love Lucy. It’s not edgy, but it sure is funny. Those were the good ol’ days of television.