Thursday Thoughts

Getting Into the 80s Groove
One of the conversations Bec and I had while traveling to and from Nebraska last week was one in which I admitted to her that I didn’t understand a country song that is popular and played regularly right now on most country stations. The song is by Jake Owen, and it’s called I Was Jack (You Were Diane)Who in the heck are Jack and Diane? I asked her. She looked at me with barely-contained horror, and said it referred to that song by John Mellencamp. You know. THAT song. Well, I’m afraid I had never heard of that song. In 1982, John Mellencamp — who was then known as John Cougar — wrote and recorded a song called Jack & Diane. It’s considered by the Recording Industry Association of America to be one of the “songs of the century.” And I’d never heard of it. My apologies. I sort of missed that decade. In 1982, I was busy with a two-year-old, a full-time job, and an unhappy marriage. I barely remember Fleetwood Mac. But Bec issued a challenge in an email yesterday: Since you taught yourself to like whiskey, it’s now time to learn more about John Mellencamp. So I am setting out to learn all about John Mellencamp. I’ve already learned that he was also known as John Cougar, and I know that Keith Urban wrote a song about John Cougar. If I can learn to listen to John Mellencamp while drinking whiskey, that might be even better.

Stop Growing Up
My grandkids are growing up too darn fast. Yesterday Kaiya turned 10. T-E-N!!!!! How can she be getting older when I’m staying the same age?…..Found It
Before we left for Nebraska, I spent an hour or so with Dagny and Maggie Faith geocaching in our neighborhood. We were looking for a specific cache not far from our house. Alas, though we spent a full hour hunting, we were completely unable to locate the treasure. However, while sitting around our hotel room in Columbus last Friday, wondering what to do, I absent-mindedly began looking to see if there were any geocaches nearby. Lo, and behold! There were two within a half-mile walk. So I dragged Bec along with me and I am happy to say I found two out of two. I felt a bit vindicated…..

CAN’t Help Myself
Due to miscommunication, last week when Dagny and I made pies, both Jll and I bought packages of frozen cherries. We only used a couple of bags, so I had plenty left. Not being particular fans of cherries, I wasn’t sure what to do with the remaining cherries, but only knew that they were taking up precious space in my smallish freezer. Voila! I made cherry jam, which I took over to the McLains, who are lovers of All Things Cherry. I didn’t wait around to see if it was any good…..

Boom Boom Boom
As I am writing this blog post, a crew from Pella is installing new windows on the front of our house. We put in new windows in the back of our house a number of years ago, and finally decided to finish the job. Here is the before picture…..

The “after” picture is still to come.