I Voted

searchTomorrow is Election Day. I anticipate it with both a feeling of relief and a feeling of dread. Has this been the ugliest election ever?

I think I say that every presidential election, but this time I mean it. I literally haven’t seen a single ad for president or Congressperson or Senator that has been positive – you know, talking about why we should vote for him or her instead of why we shouldn’t vote for the other person.

In Colorado anyway, some of the ads – many of them, in fact, include a swipe at one of presidential candidates though it is an ad for someone else. That just seems like piling on. Facebook, of course, has gotten nuts about the election, and some of it is really ugly. I mentioned my disgust previously, and several of my Facebook friends apologized for their postings in favor of their candidate. I assure you (and them) that I am not one bit opposed to anyone posting anything in favor of the candidate of their choice, or even against their candidate’s opponent. It’s only the sense that I think people this time feel as though the electorate has no RIGHT to vote for the other person. In fact, if you DO vote for the other person, you are an idiot. That’s not fair. I have had friends, coworkers, and family on both sides of the aisle, and we have always simply agreed to disagree. I have never lost a friend because they think differently than I when it comes to politics.

For example, I saw something yesterday on Facebook that made reference (in the form of a cartoon) to looking at the big picture after the election – fixing our educational system that creates idiots who will vote for Trump. Don’t worry. I’ve seen equally ugly things said about Hillary Clinton. I am so tired of it all.

I have addressed my sadness and frustration about this presidential election on several occasions on this blog, so you’re probably tired of hearing me complain. Nevertheless, I voted. I hate how I voted, but if I had voted for the other person, I would have hated it equally as much. For me at least, there was just not a good answer. So I answered it the best I could.

From the time I was old enough to understand the concept of voting, I have never missed listening to the results of a presidential election on television. Man, there were some good years and some good reporters. Sometimes it went long into the night. While I was only about 7 years old, I still remember the Kennedy/Nixon election, in which Kennedy SQUEAKED by for a victory. I can still remember the sound of the television set in our living room as Mom and Dad awaited the final result. You might also recall that when George W. Bush ran against Al Gore, the race literally wasn’t decided for days.

This time, I’m afraid I simply won’t be listening or watching. I’m sure Bill, who is a much more responsible person than I, will be listening, though there might be no joy in Mudville for him either. And then, no matter the victor, we will get up the next morning, and still live in the United States of America, which has survived for 240 years because our founding fathers did one hell of a job in creating our government and our political system.

As Canadians have been telling us (in the way that parents tell their children who are disappointed because they missed the winning field goal), “American, you really are great.”


No matter what, be PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN, where at least we know we’re free, and have the RIGHT to vote.

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Saturday Smile: If I’m Elected….

So, the grandkids are all abuzz about election season. Not Hillary v. Trump. No, it’s much more local. It is elementary school Student Council election time. And friends, we have some winners and some losers amongst the grands.

Maggie Faith quietly told Papa Thursday night that she had been elected to represent her third grade class in Student Council. I called Jll yesterday afternoon to see if I could talk to Maggie to congratulate her. Well, yes, Jll said hesitantly. But be a bit careful. Why? Because Dagny ran for President of Student Council…..and lost. Apparently in fifth grade (and maybe older!) boys vote for boys and girls vote for girls and there was only one boy running and girls split their vote. The result: the boy won. Dagny is none too happy.

In the meantime, in the Willow Creek Elementary races (where Kaiya and Mylee attend school), the boy who won the Student Council presidential race promised if he won he would give everyone a free trip to the Bahamas. Well, he won. Kaiya and Mylee are awaiting their tickets. Good to know that election lying starts at an early age.

Nevertheless, here is the Southmoor Elementary Third Grade Representative (with her BFF Molly, wearing the red glasses)…


Have a great weekend.