Thursday Thoughts

Get a Job
Very often when I turn on my iPod in the morning, Google will give me an unexpected message: It will take you “X time” to get to work this morning. While it’s very kind of Google to take such good care of me, it always puzzles me. You see, I’ve been retired since November 2008. So, I always wonder where Google thinks I work. It doesn’t always seem to be the same, thereby implying that Google thinks I’m a job-jumper. While Google knows a lot about me, he/she apparently doesn’t know that I was at my last job for 20 years. Anyway, I got that message yesterday morning. It will take you 7 minutes to get to work at 7777 E. Hampden Ave. He/she was kind enough to give me the address, thereby implying that Google thinks I can’t remember where I work, perhaps because I change jobs so often. But since I had an address, I decided to check out just where it was that Google thinks I work. Much to my surprise, it was at our neighborhood Target. Now, if I was going to have a job, working at Target would be about as good as anything. Better, perhaps. Maybe Google has seen my checking account balance and simply thinks I really SHOULD get a job. Especially since the state pension plan folks have already told me (and everyone else on the plan) that we will get an increase next year over their dead bodies. And, by the way, it takes me way less time to get to Target than 7 minutes!

The Falling Leaves
When we moved into this house 25 years ago, we had more trees than we have now. In addition to the three apple trees and the pear tree that live in our back yard, we also had a cherry tree. We had additional aspens (we have lost a few over the years, the most recent being about two weeks ago when it toppled over onto our patio when it was dark outside and nearly scared the daylights out of us).  In the front yard, we had a beautiful crabapple tree. Beautiful, that is, until it started getting crabapples that fell to the ground and made a mess. So that tree went away when we had some landscaping done. As a result, we really don’t have all that many leaves to rake up each fall. We do have a honey locust tree in the back yard that I have loved from the moment we bought the house. It had a perfect branch upon which we hung a swing that has serviced all of our grandkids through the years, though Cole got pretty short-changed. All that swinging brought an end to that particular branch, though the tree continues to be healthy. The good news is that the leaves are so small on the honey locust tree that they actually don’t necessarily need to be raked. The fallen leaves won’t kill the grass. When my miniature schnauzer – Fritz – was still alive, he would go outside to do his business and would come in covered in the leaves. He was like a little honey locust leaf vacuum cleaner…..

Where Should I Sit?
We are still without furniture, though that will change later today when Court comes to help Bill unload the Pod and move the furniture indoors. I can barely contain my excitement. All of the rooms echo, something that will be alleviated when there is some furniture, rugs, etc. Once we have some furniture, I will post some photos.

When did it become A Thing to decorate your house with outside lights for Halloween. Being a lover of all kinds of twinkling lights, I’m not complaining. Just somewhat puzzled. There is a house down the street from ours that is decorated like those over-the-top Christmas decorated houses. The kids will love it. I have never been much of a fan of Halloween. Oh, I liked it when I was a kid, but I am certainly not one of those people who dresses up. But I like those who do. We are almost always in AZ for Halloween, and will be again this year, and our neighborhood there is pretty quiet on Halloween. We are lucky to get one or two little trick-or-treaters. That’s okay. More candy for us.