Saturday Smile: Dad, I Just Found Another LaBron

I took Kaiya and Mylee to seeĀ Finding Dory yesterday, and it was so, so good. I can’t recommend it enough. I wanted to make sure we had a good seat, so I upgraded to the VIP seats, which included wait service. So we had our server bring us soda and Mylee had Twizzlers, brought to her on a tray. La dee da.

They came for dinner last night, and after we ate, we went to sit outside. The kids all went to the sandbox/playhouse area and commenced digging for gold. They found rock after rock after rock, all of which they were convinced were some kind of valuable gemstone. Because Daddy knows everything, they would bring each rock to CourtĀ and ask him what kind of rock it was.

He started naming them. He, of course, had no idea what kind of rocks they were, but that didn’t stop him. He started out with names of basketball players. There was the LaBron, and the Barkley. He moved on to 60s rock stars. You had the Lennon and the Morrison and the Hendrix. After running out of 60s rock star names, he moved on to television. There was the Benes and the Kramer and the Costanza. And so forth….

We were laughing so hard, because the kids believed every word he said, with not even the slightest doubt. Kaiya told him, “Daddy, you really know your rocks.”

My fear is that they will get into their high school geology class and when the teacher says a particular rock is granite, they will argue with him/her and say, “No, that is definitely a LaBron.”

kaiya mylee play doh

Have a great weekend.