Thursday Thoughts

And Next I Will Cure Cancer
In case you live on a planet light years away from even Mars, I will tell you that there is an election coming up. I have never missed voting in an election since I turned 18, and I don’t plan on starting now, no matter how difficult a decision it’s going to be. But one thing I know about election seasons, the worst thing about them are the political ads. Man, I hate them. And since advertising is expensive, the same ads are run over and over. There is one ad that particularly gets my goat, so to speak. It’s for a person running for Congress here in Colorado. In the ad, she talks about all of the wonderful things she will do if she’s elected. One of the things she promises is that she is going to make student loans more affordable. Really? And I wonder just how she is going to do that. But she doesn’t have to tell us that, you see. I yell at the television every time I see that commercial. And it’s only the beginning.

Funny Bones
I kept 2-year-old Cole for the day Tuesday. It’s always fun to have my grandkids on an individual basis. You really get a sense of their personality. And I learned this about Cole: he is very funny. I know, I know, 2-year-olds are funny just because they’re 2. But he is funny because he tries to be funny. I can tell he has that comical gene that runs in my family, and that makes me happy. I am waiting for the day that he says, “Thank you, thank you….I’ll be here all this week. Don’t forget to tip your waiter.” Cole isn’t the first of my grandkids to be a comedian. Micah showed his comedic chops when he was about 2, and now at age 4, he makes everyone laugh.


Oh Say Can You See
I don’t know about you all, but I am sick to death of hearing about who stood for the National Anthem, who kneeled, who locked arms, who pointed to the sky. I don’t care. I really don’t. I believe that what they’re doing is disrespectful, but I also believe that because we are the United States of America, they have a right to their own freedom of speech, as much as I have the right to disagree with them. But people, let’s stop talking about it. Having said that, I’m going to talk about it. I have been saying since Kaepernick first shocked us with his stance. (Or lack thereof) that it’s a waste of time and merely a way to bring attention to yourself. Instead, why don’t the protesters do something actively to address the issue? Shockingly, a former football player who I have always heartily disliked because of the whole murder thing – former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis – says exactly what I am thinking. He and I are two peas in a pod. See the link…

Door Stops
In yesterday’s blog post, I talked about doughnuts. I got a comment from a cousin who has been diagnosed with celiac disease. As such, she is unable to eat wheat not because it’s become the fasionable thing to do but because she doubles up in pain if she consumes a piece of bread or two. Anyway, in her comment, she lamented that she loves doughnuts as much as I, but she is unable to eat them. And, according to her, the gluten-free kind are awful. Could Dave invent a really yummy GF for me? she asked. And so, I have issued my brother Dave the challenge. I’m on it he replied to my text/challenge. I’ll keep you posted.