Thursday Thoughts

Cutting Back
beebleberriesSince we arrived on Saturday, Bill has been busy getting this and that in order. He vowed to not undertake any projects that would take the entire just-over-two-weeks that we are going to be here, but man, that fellow has a hard time staying still. Thus far he has trimmed back lots of bushes (including that infernal acacia tree in our front yard about which I blogged). He has an ongoing battle with that particular tree, with the tree, I’m afraid, mostly coming out the victor. It’s pretty, but it goes from little yellow puffballs that eventually fall on the ground to little brown pods that eventually fall on the ground. Do you see a pattern here? And to top it off, the tree is covered with thorns, making for a difficult trim. But in addition to landscape maintenance, he has fixed a toilet as well as worked on our washing machine. In the meantime, as he works, I sit and read.

Pizza Pizza
It took nearly three full days, but Bill finally got his Oregano’s Pizza on Tuesday. It’s probably his second favorite pizza place, after Fox’s Pizza in Chicago. We drove to Chandler to visit Bec, and enjoyed a glass of wine and a cigar (well, Bill alone enjoyed the cigar) on her patio before we all went to her neighborhood Oregano’s. A big salad that we split three ways and a ginormous thin-crust with sausage and capicola. We didn’t eat it all, but I’m embarrassed by just how little we took home. Yum.

Speaking of Pizza….
I recently read an article that spoke on research being done linking carbs to dopamine production. As you may or may not know, Parkinson’s is the result of the brain’s decreased production of dopamine. According to the research, eating carbs results in an increase in dopamine (which is related to feelings of reward and pleasure). I don’t necessarily take articles about research results very seriously because I theorize that there is alleged research to support nearly any hypothesis. However, it certainly could have something to do with Bill’s love of pizza, no? He seriously could eat pizza for every meal, and nearly did when he was single.

The so-called “cold front” about which the Arizona weather people fretted did, in fact, come through. The front resulted in highs yesterday of that hovered in the mid-60s. It rained intermittently, and whether or not you would be rained upon depended on where you were located. My sister Bec who lives in Chandler texted me in the morning to tell me she had been sitting on her patio enjoying her morning coffee when it started to rain. I looked outside only to see blue skies. The rain, however, did appear eventually. It was a nice change of pace. The windows were open and a cool breeze kept the house comfortable. I made a pot of ham and bean soup because it seemed appropriate. And, while I laugh at the excitement about weather conditions here in Arizona, I’m reminded that the entire state isn’t necessarily like here. In fact, they got snow in Flagstaff yesterday.

More Reluctant Traveler
One thing I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post about our off-interstate travels as we drove to Arizona is that on Saturday, rather than taking I-40, we got off in Grants, NM, and took a series of two-lane highways that eventually led us to Mesa. It was a tad bit slower, but very pretty. Part of our drive took us through the Malpais Indian Reservation….

malpais reservation