What Shall We Call It?

Carol canned peachesJust before this past Christmas, my friend Carol gave me two glorious quarts of peaches as a gift, peaches she had, in fact, put up herself. I’ve undertaken that same activity many times, and I know that it is a messy job, but well worth it when you can eat Palisade (Colorado) peaches in the middle of winter. As it happens, I hadn’t canned this past year, except for a batch of dill pickles in which I forgot to put in the dill. Sigh. So I was happy to get them.

Unfortunately, we were leaving very shortly for our winter in Arizona. We had left our car in AZ when we had opened up the house in late October, and so we were flying. Since we couldn’t bring them with us on the airplane, they sat on my counter – looking beautiful – until yesterday afternoon, when this happened…..

peach pie graham

My phone rang early yesterday afternoon, and one of our granddaughters was calling to see if she could come over. I say one of our granddaughters because the truth is, I can’t tell any of them apart on the telephone. Well, at least not Maggie Faith and Dagny. I agreed, but I wasn’t sure who would walk through my door. But the bottom line was, IT DIDN’T MATTER. I was happy to see either one.

It was Maggie Faith.

magnolia on swing

Now, I learned recently that both Maggie and Dagny like to get creative in the kitchen. They like to prepare food using recipes they make up as they go along. For example, the other day, Dagny squeezed a lime, added some sugar, some oreos, and some M&Ms, and called it Lime Sherbert. Don’t ask.

As an aside, when she asked for some sugar, I brought out my sugar canister – nothing special; something I’ve had for years. “Oh, Nana, that’s beautiful,” she said. It’s not, but I’ll take a compliment any time I can get it. And when I brought out my electric citrus juicer so that she could get all of the juice out of the lime, I thought she was going to faint. “That is SO AWESOME,” she said. And I won’t even tell you what she thought about my Lazy Susan cupboard. From her reaction, you would think her mom and dad cook in a cave.

Anyhoo, yesterday, Maggie – who has been eyeing those peaches since we got back from Arizona – asked if she could make something using the peaches. I was willing, but nervous that the peaches would be used for a concoction similar to Dagny’s.

“How about a peach pie?” I asked her.


So I went to my freezer, which could, in fact, have Jimmy Hoffa buried somewhere inside, and pulled out a frozen pie crust. I opened up the bag and told Maggie we had to let it thaw. After a competitive game of Crazy 8s (in which I was heartily defeated) I returned to my pie crust, began trying to unfold it, and it basically crumbled into pieces. I checked the pull date and gasped in horror. I am going to tell you what it was, but only because I know that Maggie is going to spill the beans on me anyway because she couldn’t stop laughing.

October 2005.

I’m telling you – Jimmy Hoffa’s body.

At any rate, we used some (probably stale) graham crackers and made a crust, and baked it with the peaches (slightly sweetened with sugar and thickened with flour), and called it a peach pie…..

magnolia making crust

During preparation, there was lots of tasting going on….

Magnolia slurping peach juice

Because the pie was entirely ad hoc, I will not include a recipe. If you would like Dagny’s recipe for lime/oreo/sugar/M&M juice, contact her directly.

By the way, at the end of the day, Maggie’s peach pie was an epic fail. The peaches were delicious; the graham crackers were so stale I suspect they were probably purchased sometime in the Nixon Administration. My goal this week is to go through my freezer and pantry and discard any food items that aren’t from this decade!

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