Saturday Smile: Tongue in Cheek

cow tongueMy son’s guest post this past week on his culinary adventure involving the tongue of a cow generated lots of talk and opinions. Frankly, most people said, “No thanks.” Others proclaimed they grew up on a farm and were used to eating all parts of an animal. My brother promised he was going to bring me a lengua burrito from a place called Erickberto’s that I would most certainly like. We’ll see.

The whole experience made me recall the andouillette sausage Bill and I ate, quite by accident, while in Europe in 2008.

We were driving in France, near the Germany border. We stopped for lunch at what was for all intents and purposes a truck stop that offered a buffet. We chose our food items. Having never met a sausage I didn’t like, I chose a sausage for my lunch. I took a bite, and thought, hmmm, that’s actually quite nasty-tasting. I offered a bite to Bill and he agreed. Later, I looked at our bill and noticed that what I had eaten was andouillette sausage, the one thing that travel guide writer Rick Steves urged his readers to NEVER EAT.

When we got to our hotel, I logged on to my computer and Googled “andouillette sausage” and immediately wished I hadn’t. Andouillette sausage is made, frankly, from the colon of a pig. It smells like it and it tastes like it. And that’s all I’ll say about that.


Gloria tells my brother David just how to make the world’s finest tacos de lengua.

But back to the tacos de lengua. At 6:15 a.m. yesterday morning, I received a text message from my brother, who continues to try and convince me to try lengua. As part of his job, he had run into a baker of hispanic descent. He asked her if she cooked lengua. Of course, she answered. The best in the world she proudly proclaimed. Here is her recipe straight from the horse’s mouth:

Wash but don’t clean the top skin. Boil for 30 minutes with onions, whole garlic, garlic salt and a spice of which she couldn’t remember the name. After it’s boiled, clean it. The skin comes right off. Put on a corn tortilla, cilantro, onion, and jalapeno. Enjoy.

But perhaps my sister Jen had the best idea. You know how people have Meatless Mondays? She suggested I start a regular Tuesday blog post entitled Tasty Tongue Teasers Tuesday, and feature a weekly tongue recipe.

Have a great weekend.