Friday Thoughts

Moving from one state to another apparently makes me lose complete track of time. I normally do Thoughts on Thursday, but instead I whined about losing my car keys. So you are blessed with my thoughts today instead of a book review.

Brown Boxes
Yesterday afternoon, the two boxes we shipped from our AZ home arrived. Rather than trying to bring some of our electronic equipment on the airplane, we thought it made more sense to send it UPS. Bill also included a bunch of his clothes and shoes. I held out some hope that the missing key fob for the Honda might be in one of his pants pockets. It wasn’t. We aren’t giving up looking for the little son of a gun, but I’m sure glad we found the spare key. It was nice to have the chance to drive to Trader Joe’s yesterday morning and stock up on necessities like toffee candy and chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. Oh, and some flowers to make me think it’s spring despite the chilly temperatures.

I started watching Daisy Jones and the Six on Prime earlier this week, and I’m totally hooked. It was one of my favorite books of whatever year it was that it came out. Taylor Jenkins Reid is one of my favorite authors. Her books are always written in an unusual format. Daisy Jones was written like an oral history, and I wasn’t sure how they were going to carry that out. I think they have done a great job. Two more episodes to go.

We Are Family
Though we arrived back here on Tuesday, we have yet to see any of our family. That will change this weekend. Breakfast with the McLains and dinner with the Zierks. It can’t happen too soon, because I’m in desperate need for some hugs.

Last night Bill and I went to one of the Wind Crest restaurants that we haven’t visited often. Only twice, in fact. Our meal was phenominal. I had sauteed trout with chimichurri sauce and Bill had a filet mignon. We both had creme brule for dessert. It’s so nice to not have to cook or clean up afterwards. Best of all, when we scraped the last of our creme brule out of the bowl, we didn’t have to wait for the check. We just got up and walked back to our apartment.