Packin’ It In

We leave this morning to head back to Colorado and our apartment. It’s never easy to pack to go home for the spring, summer, and fall because we purposely bought things to keep here that we also have in Colorado. The problem, of course, is because we are old and forgetful, we can’t always remember what’s here and what’s there. So, in addition to our suitcases, we are shipping two boxes of miscellaneous stuff that we likely already have there.

We have reservations to return to AZ in May for Bill’s dentist appointments. Quite frankly, however, we may just decide that it’s time to move all doctors’ appointments to the Denver area. Flying is not a lot of fun. Now people are trying to open up the exit doors while flying 30,000 feet in the air. Not good.

We will be back and settled by this afternoon, but I likely won’t blog until Thursday. Assuming no one opens the exit door mid-flight.