Thursday Thoughts

Summertime, And the Living is Easy
I think winter is finally over in AZ. Yesterday’s temperature was in the mid-70s, and today’s is supposed to be even higher. By week’s end, it will be 80. Then I can start complaining about how hot it is! Seriously, however, I am very happy to have the typical March weather finally here. Bill and I had our cocktails on our patio yesterday afternoon, and that was fun.

Giggles and Grins
Every morning, and very often throughout the day, there is a quail that hangs out on our back wall. Of course, I have no way of being certain that it is the quail every time. I would bet on it, however. I would also bet on the fact that somewhere in the vicinity, there is a nest where eggs are being kept warm by either the male or female quail at all times. A few years ago, a female quail laid her eggs in my geranium pot. It was fun to watch the parents care for the eggs. I will admit that as I watch the quail every morning, I am certain that as God was creating all of the animals, including birds, he was laughing as he designed the quail. They are the funniest birds, what with their seemingly useless topknots. And the way they run across the road in little packs makes me laugh, as I think God laughed….

Australian Flat White
For about a year now, a locally-owned coffee shop has been attempting to open. It’s called Cup of Joey. Apparently, they have had a presence around the Valley for quite some time in the form of a truck that traveled various farmers’ markets and other places where people drink coffee. This is their first actual store. The owner is from Australia, and stands near the counter and greets everyone as they come in. He asked my name during my first visit, and has remembered it ever since. His accent is so appealing. The other day, I asked him about a flat white. My sister Jen loves them, and I just couldn’t quite understand what they are. Apparently they differ from a latte in that the milk is steamed, but there is no froth. I ordered on the other day, after Steve (the owner) assured me that what they make is a true Australian Flat White. Not like Starbucks’ flat white, which he said aren’t either flat or white. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but I have never really cared for Starbucks coffee. The coffee at Cup of Joey is AMAZING. You gotta love those locally owned places.

Chewing Steak
I am happy to say that yesterday Bill got his crowns put on his back implants — at least most of them. It is so nice for him to actually have teeth again. Lord knows the man never complained, but he got tired of chewing with front teeth and gums. He has one more set of crowns to get put on in May, and he will finally be done. Yay.


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