Thursday Thoughts

Flying on a Jet Plane
We were supposed to leave yesterday for our AZ home. I got a text Tuesday late afternoon from Southwest. It said Dear Kris, because we didn’t seem to upset you quite enough when we cancelled your Christmas Day flight to AZ, we are doing it again. Your Wednesday flight is cancelled. Take that, Sucka. Actually, all it said was that our flight was cancelled and gave me a link to a site where I could rebook. Southwest has gotten their stuff together because it was easy as pie to reschedule for this morning. I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon, so I may have a different take when I blog again. Our plan is to be in AZ until the last week in March, at which time we have to return to Denver for a couple of doctor appointments. My sister Jen said Bill and I are jet setters. That has way to positive a connotation. We are jet SITTERS, not setters. Flying is pure agony, but better than driving.

Snow Nice to Be Inside
We got a sizeable snowstorm yesterday. By time I woke up at 5:30, there was probably three inches on the ground. Another two or three fell throughout the day. We were supposed to see a doctor in the afternoon, but we postponed it until we return. She was not willing, or perhaps, able, to do a telehealth call. Blah. But the good news is that we didn’t have to go outside at all yesterday. Our car is covered with our brand new car cover, and thus it will sit until we return at the end of March.

As the snow fell, Bill and I went to the gym yesterday to spend our 30 minutes on the recumbent bicycle. As we made our way there, we passed many people who were clearly doing their daily walk indoors instead of outdoors. It made me happy to see such devotion. It also made me laugh. The halls of Wind Crest looked like the movie scenes of the sidewalks of New York City in the morning as people walk to work.

We had Valentine’s Day dinner with two of our friends at the special Valentine’s feast being offered by Wind Crest. I had spinach and artichoke dip with pita chips, lobster bisque, and prime rib. Not bad, eh? Best of all, there was a chocolate fountain for dessert, including all manner of things to dip in the chocolate. I am happy to say that Bill did not go and stick his tongue under the flowing chocolate, but he was a mighty happy camper.