Thursday Thoughts

Stand Up For Thyself
Bill has been having a bit more trouble getting up out of the La-Z-Boy recliner we have in our living room. We have talked about getting one of the recliners with the electric mechanism that lifts you out of the chair, but they are very expensive. Yesterday, while checking for our mail, Bill noticed a flyer on the corkboard onto which residents can post things for sale, etc. Someone was selling a very gently used electric recliner for a mere $300. Bill went to look at it, and when he came back, we were the proud owners of said chair. I think it will be very helpful for him. The man does like playing with toys after all. I am not sure what we will do with the chair it is replacing. One day at a time.

Cool Down
We have had some sweet weather as of late. Highs in the low 50s. Unfortunately, the temperatures are supposed to drop — plummet is the word that the weather forecasters used — today. Actually, I’m not sure that plummet is accurate, as the temperatures will be above freezing, or so they predict. Plummet, to me, implies a drastic change, like from mid-50s down to -2 overnight. What do I know? That’s why I’m not a weather forecaster on television. I’m not quite dramatic enough for the job.

Doggone It
I will tell you this much: whether the temperatures are in the mid-70s or the low ‘teens, the doggowners around Wind Crest are faithful and true. When it’s nice outside, the dogs and their humans are out taking long walks, the human wearing a light jacket or heavy sweater. When the temperatures, (ehem) plummet, the humans are wearing stocking caps and heavy coats. Many of the dogs are also wearing sweaters or coats. I even saw a dog wearing little boots one day. I don’t hear much complaining, at least from the humans. The dogs, well, I can’t vouch for them.

Super Sunday
I have been surprised to notice that there are no organized activities for Super Bowl Sunday. I’m sure there will be many ad hoc gatherings and a lot of chicken wings being eaten privately. Bill and I have no plans for Super Bowl Sunday. I guess I should root for the Chiefs because they’re AFC, but I’m not sure I can. Admittedly, Mahomes is an amazing QB. However, the Broncos and the Chiefs are rivals, so I might have to cheer a bit for the Eagles. After all, they haven’t been to a Super Bowl in some time. Still, I can’t seem to forget that the fans booed Santa Claus.