Saturday Smile: Bite It or It Will Bite You

My sister Bec’s grandkids are not fussy eaters, but they like what they like. Her grandson, for example, will eat hot shrimp, but not cold shrimp. When her granddaughter goes to Subway, she orders (and LOVES) turkey on a white roll. Period. No mustard. No cheese. No mayo. Just turkey and bread.

Their family took Bec out for dinner for her birthday to a Cajun place in Mesa that we all like very much. The food is delicious and they entertain guests with a old man playing blues guitar. Knowing that her granddaughter doesn’t like any kind of seafood, Bec asked her as they were driving to the restaurant, “So, you’re probably going to have a tough time finding something you will eat, huh?” Her granddaugher responded, “Nope. I looked at the menu before we left, and I know what I’m going to get.”

Her choice? Gator bites. This girl who won’t put cheese on her sandwich has no qualms about eating alligator. Go figure. I laughed and laughed when Bec told me this story.

Have a great weekend.