Thursday Thoughts

There’s Chaos Ahead
I read an article the other day in the Denver Post that talked about food trends that will be rearing their ugly heads in 2023. Apparently some kind of fancy “tinned fish” will be showing up on appetizer menus. I’m pretty sure that it won’t be tuna fish, but I don’t really know what it will be. One of the upcoming trends is referred to as chaos cooking. Their definition is restaurants that serve different kinds of food, like perhaps Korean and Mexican. As for me, every time I make dinner, I could easily call it chaos cooking. I am the messiest, most disorganized cook in America. Perhaps the world. Every time I drop an egg on the floor when I’m baking, I say out loud, “Kris, you will never make it on Food Network. My sister Bec always reminds me that the television food chefs can edit out all of their mistakes.

Bundle Up
Our Denver weather forecasters have warned us that by Monday, the high will reach the teens. I’ve been enjoying the relatively warm weather, so I’m not looking forward to more icy cold temperatures. Generally, I don’t have to go out in the cold; however, Monday we have an appointment with our tax guy and Tuesday Bill is having two — count ’em — root canals. (Kids, take care of your teeth now.) Just as in yesterday’s post, we will just have to bundle up like this…..

Flying High
Bill has frequently told me that his dream as a kid was to be a fighter pilot when he grew up. Unfortunately, when he got old enough to enlist, his parents refused to sign the necessary paperwork that would have allowed him to train. It might have had something to do with Vietnam. Hmmm. Anyway, last night, we rewatched Top Gun: Maverick and enjoyed it nearly as much as we did when we originally saw it in the theater. Perhaps the sound effects weren’t quite as good given that we can’t turn up our television as loud as the theater. At one point, Bill said to me, “Of all of our grandkids, I think Dagny would make the best fighter pilot.” That made me laugh. When Adelaide was considering (and be considered for) the Air Force Academy, Bill tried to convince her to become a fighter pilot. She was completely uninterested, and told him that. Every time he mentioned it!

No More Christmas
As I mentioned, when we got home last weekend, I was faced with putting away Christmas. It went quite smoothly and I got most everything packed away. The problem is that we are still awaiting a storage unit to come available. We feel guilty wishing so hard that we would get that call, because, of course, there’s only one way that a unit becomes available. In the meantime, our Christmas tree boxes are being stored in the corner of our bedroom. Lovely.