Thursday Thoughts

Come Rain or Come Snow
El Nino or La Nina or whomever it is is rearing his or her ugly head and causing lots of difficult weather. My Colorado grands were home from school on Wednesday because of a snowstorm (and I guess I should say ANOTHER snowstorm. Since we’ve been here, I think we have missed three or four snowstorms. As I understand it, the weather forecasters rather blew it on this most recent storm, predicting a jolly-old amount of snow, and only getting half that much. So much for the accuracy of technology. In the end, it’s God who decides.

As For the Rain
Here in the Valley of the Sun, there often isn’t any. Januarys are tricky here. We leave Colorado wanting to get away from the cold and snow, wishing desperately for 75 degree weather. It generally doesn’t reach the 70s until February. This year has been peculiar in that it has rained significantly more than this Winter Visitor is used to. The other night, it started raining. For a few minutes, it was raining so hard that I seriously worried that the roof was going to cave in. It didn’t. However, the little depressions they have all around our neighborhood (and throughout the city) to hold the water (it takes awhile for the clay ground to absorb moisture) are full to the brim.

Heading to the Rockies
Bill and I leave tomorrow to fly back to our Colorado home. We generally stay in AZ all winter, but this year a number of doctor appointments is creating the need to go back early. At least I hope we go back, because we are flying Southwest Airlines, and as you know, well, actually NEVER know. Do you feel lucky, Punk? We’re set to leave Friday at noonish.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
And when we walk into our apartment, what will greet us will be looking a lot like Christmas. I didn’t get around to taking down any of my decorations, including the two trees. That task will face me Saturday morning. We’re probably the talk of Wind Crest because the little shelf outside my door still holds two raindeer and a huge Christmas tree. I’m sure the rest of the place has moved on to Valentine’s Day.