‘Tis the Sneezin’

As usual, we had a wonderful time at Bec’s annual New Year’s party. The prime rib tradition started with my mother, who prepared the delicious roasted beef every year. After she gave up entertaining, I took over the tradition, found a wonderful recipe on Epicurious, and prepared a prime rib roast for my parents, my siblings (when they were in town), our children, my nieces and nephews, and any strays that showed up at my table.

After we bought our AZ house, Jen and I continued the tradition for a few years. After three or four years, Bec began preparing the meal every other year. Eventually, she did such a fine job that, when she volunteered to host every year, Jen and I enthusiastically accepted.Every year, the family gathers, contributing food and beverages. It is a wonderful family tradition, and a great way to start the new year.

Sunday night, as we were driving home, I suddenly noticed that Bill sounded like Barry White. He had been somewhat quiet during the party, but He Who Never Complains didn’t say a word about feeling punk.

“Are you not feeling good? I asked him.

“I don’t feel too bad,” he replied.

Well, I thought, you sound like hell.

He coughed all night, and croaked the next morning, “I don’t feel too bad.”

What’s interesting to me is that my knee-jerk reaction was IT’S COVID. No thinking that it might be a chest cold or fatigue. So as soon as CVS opened, I was there buying a COVID test.

…which was negative. Thank heavens. Because I had seen All Of The Commercials that say if you get COVID and have any conditions that could exacerbate the illness, you should call your doctor and take (fill in the blank because I can’t remember the name of the medication).

So Bill only has a common cold, something about which he kept assuring me throughout my panic. My takeaway: how times have changed since COVID rocked our world. A single sneeze or a couple of coughs can cause immediate panic instead of reaching for the bottle of Ibuprofen.

As for Bill, he slept yesterday, and ate the homemade chicken noodle soup I made him. I expect a full recovery,