Thursday Thoughts

Turkey Day, Take Two
Bill loves Thanksgiving dinner. I mean the dinner. He also likes Thanksgiving, because who doesn’t love a time to gather with the people you love the most without having to buy gifts? But he loves the turkey and all its fixins’. So he was a very happy camper last night when we went to dinner at one of the restaurants at Wind Crest. He picked up the menu, and out fluttered a Thanksgiving Special. Turkey. Dressing. Mashed potatoes. Green bean casserole. Pumpkin and pecan pies. Done. Done. Done. Done. Sure, he very well knows that these were nothing more than leftovers from Thanksgiving Day. But given the fact that he could eat Thanksgiving dinner every week, he was very happy. By the way, their soup of the week was Turkey and Rice. Nice to know that even places like Wind Crest have to figure out what to do about leftovers.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Just outside of each apartment at WC is a little shelf that residents can decorate as they see fit. In fact, they could not decorate it at all if they are willing to be the subject of gossip at WC. When we moved here at the end of September, it was All Things Halloween. There were such creative decorations! And the wreaths on the doors were amazing. After Halloween, things changed a bit as we moved towards Thanksgiving. My decorations were fall in nature, so I didn’t make any change. I probably was the subject of gossip at WC. The Thanksgiving decorations were beautiful. Beginning the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas came to WC. Not just to the shelves outside the apartments, but to all of Wind Crest. There are Christmas trees and pointsettias and lights and glitter everywhere you look. I took down my fall decorations and decorated our shelf for Christmas. My evergreen wreath went on the door. It’s been really fun to walk around and see Christmas come alive all over.

Career Paths
It’s been a week since three of my grands and one boyfriend decorated my angel tree. I can’t believe it’s been a week already. That night, we had some serious — and some not so serious — discussions about what we all wanted to be when we grow up. Addie, of course, is facing reality soon. She’s considering medicine. She would be a wonderful doctor or physicians’ assistant. Maggie Faith — a freshman this year — has four years to begin planning her future. As for Dagny, she is a junior this year, and her options are endless. She initially put forth to the group the idea of being a therapist. Her sisters quickly put a kibosh to that idea, citing the fact that you needed to be empathetic to help others with their emotional issues. Personally, I find Dagny as sweet as can be. Before the night was over, she had landed on being a mob boss. I’m going to try to steer her away from that career path.

I’m Ok. You’re Ok.
Every night around midnight, a WC employee (or several employees) walks the halls of Wind Crest and puts up a latch that is on each door. The next day, as soon as someone opens the door, the latch falls. If the latch hasn’t fallen by the end of the next day, it raises concern that something is wrong. Last Wednesday, just before midnight, Bill’s cell phone rang. As you can imagine, we both panicked, because no good news is delivered at midnight. I answered the phone, and it was someone from WC security. “Are you okay?” he asked me. I assured him that we were fine. He told me that when he was putting up the latches that night, he noticed ours had not fallen, indicating a possible problem. A light bulb went on in my head. I promised him that we were fine and explained that my grandkids had visited the night before. “One of them probably thought it would be hilarious to put up the latch,” I told him. I’m sure he was so amused that his sides hurt from laughing.


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  1. I thought you might just throw a bottle brush tree in the back of your little aqua pickup beside your door and call it Christmas!

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