Thursday Thoughts

I turned on the local 5 o’clock news yesterday evening only to learn that the balmy 40 degree temperatures of the day were going to give way to highs today in the 20s. What’s more, measurable snow is expected starting midmorning. That shouldn’t matter, you’re all thinking, because I live in this lovely protected environment where I don’t have to worry about ice on the roads or bread on the grocery shelves. Ha! Wouldn’t you know that this afternoon I’m scheduled to see my PCP to talk about my cholesterol. Well, hopefully I can keep heart disease at bay for a few more days because I have no intention of driving the icy highway to my old neighborhood where my doctor is located. I know I’m a wimp, but that’s the way it is. I can reschedule for a later date, maybe sometime next week if I’m lucky. Or maybe after Thanksgiving so that I can have all of the yummy Thanksgiving goodies without guilt.

Tick Tock
We are scheduled to close on the sale of our house Friday morning at 10 o’clock. The gods of home sales are not with us, however. I got a phone call late yesterday afternoon from our realtor who told us that she pressed the button to close the garage door as she was leaving our house, and the door felt to the ground with a BANG. The good news is that no one was walking underneath to be maimed, or even killed. The bad news is that we have to get a garage door replaced by Friday at noon. I will be glad when this is all over, I can tell you that.

Before diving into Season 5 of The Crown, Bill and I decided to rewatch Seasons 1-4. I had forgotten just what a sad lot they all were. Last night we watched the Season 4 episode in which the queen met privately with all four of her children to decide who was her favorite. She lands on not really liking any of them. Really, who can blame her? The episodes are pretty sad, and I don’t think Season 5 is going to be any zippier. Still, a royal family addict like I am simply cannot go without finishing off the series.

Isn’t There Anyone You Can Trust?
The women of the second Summit Square second floor (Second to None!) received an email the other day asking if anyone had seen a bouquet of flowers that her daughter had sent her. She apparently never received it. What ensued was a barrage of emails saying that they have heard through the grapevine that packages left in front of our doors have gone missing. For the love of all things that are good! Is there really no one we can trust any longer? I’m going to blame it on the delivery people, because I just can’t blame the nice white-haired people with whom I share a dwelling.