Lotta Rules

I love my nephew Erik very much, but if you look up first born in the dictionary, you will see his face. He can’t help it. He’s the first-born of a first-born.

Many of the things about which he feels strongly have to do with how things should be done during the holidays. That’s not really a bad thing, because it says that my sister must have provided wonderful memories when it comes to special holidays — primarily Thanksgiving and Christmas. Turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. Don’t try changing up the recipes for any of those things. Erik is a wonderful cook, and he can ad lib recipes with the best of them. But when it comes to green bean casserole, it should be canned green beans, cream of mushroom soup, with french fried onion rings on the top.

My sister Bec told me that one day she and Erik were in the kitchen by themselves, and he was saying that the Christmas tree shouldn’t go up before Thanksgiving, and apparently went on to say how the holiday should progress. Out of the other room, his wife Josey said, “Lotta Rules, Erik. Lotta rules.”

I will tell you that Erik would not approve of the fact that I put up my angel Christmas tree this weekend. Both of my sisters have done the same thing. We like the sparkly lights. In my opinion, Christmas trees should be up all year round. I used to know a woman who did exactly that. She kept her tree up year round and decorated it for every holiday. Pink and red hearts for Valentine’s Day. Green lights and shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. Red, white, and blue for Independence Day. And so forth. I think that would probably test Bill’s patience. The reality is that we will spend the next few weeks feeling a bit crowded in our smallish living room which now is home to the Christmas tree.

Bill’s patience is already being tested, though he didn’t complain even a little when I asked him to help me put up Christmas lights on our balcony outside yesterday afternoon. I love looking out my window and seeing the colored lights lining the rail of our balcony. And if I’m breaking any unwritten rules about timing, I will tell you that there are a lot of our neighbors who have done the same thing. Maybe when you get older, you start wanting to celebrate early and often.

As a compromise, dear nephew, I haven’t put the ornaments on the tree yet. That’s a day-after-Thanksgiving activity.

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  1. Too funny. I am truly laughing out loud at this post!! I do love me some rules. LOTTA RULES! I applaud waiting on the ornaments until Friday. Just feels right. Haha. Happy Holidays, Aunt Kris!

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