Thursday Thoughts

Quick Trip
My sister Bec flew in yesterday afternoon for a quick overnight visit. She is on her way to a wonderful Viking Cruise trip to Greece and Turkey with Jll’s mother Lynne. I picked her up at DIA and we came home and had a little cocktail party with cheeses and salami and — of course — martinis. Today, I will give her a ride to Lynne’s house where they will travel together to the airport, and then on to a magnificent Mediterranean cruise. Bon Voyage.

Big Relief
I couldn’t possibly be happier that the election is over. I was so sick and tired of the political ads. Colorado continues to be solidly blue, so there were no surprises there. I was surprised to see that voters said no to selling wine in liquor stores — or at least it appears that the proposition didn’t pass as of this writing. They did, however, apparently say yes to the sale of psychodelic mushrooms. Again, a bit close to call as of this writing. Next we will be buying psychodelic mushrooms in the grocery stores but having to trek to the liquor store for our cabernet sauvignon. Go figure.

Rocky Mountain Autumn
Monday the temperature was around 70 degrees. Yesterday the temperature only reached 50 degrees or so. I don’t think there is snow in the forecast, but the temperatures are a bit unpredictable. Bill and I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday morning quite early. When we got to our car around 7:45, I was surprised to see ice on our window. It’s been 30 years since I’ve had to clean ice from my windshield, I told Bill. He didn’t hesitate to get out of the car and scrape the windows. I guess I’m going to have to start figuring that into my timeline, at least until we get indoor parking.

Yee Haw
After dinner last night, Bill, Bec and I sat down and watched the CMA Country Music Awards. Or at least most of it, because by 9 o’clock, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I’ll finish the program today. As usual, I enjoyed the awards program very much. Unlike other music awards shows, they actually have a lot of performances, and very little drama. And where else can you hear shout-outs to Jesus-My-Lord-and-Savior? Certainly not on the Oscars. And Peyton Manning? What can I say?\