Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin

Yesterday I did one of my favorite things: I took three of my grandkids out for sushi. Kaiya, Cole, Mylee, and I have a favorite place that we go, and we even have our special table at which we always sit. The owner knows us and, though he wasn’t there yesterday, we always are made to feel welcome.

As an aside, between picking the kids up and pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant, we probably pass 10 or 12 sushi places. Nevertheless, we never go anyplace else, for one reason: It’s the green mussels, my friends. They are delicious, spicy and sweet at the same time. We always get two orders. I eat one mussel, Cole eats one mussel, and Mylee eats the rest.

I don’t know what I’d do without grandkids to keep me, well, up to date. I learn slang, I learn music, I learn tricks to get good grades on Freshman Spanish without cheating. If it wasn’t for my grandkids, I would probably be sitting at home, watching Lawrence Welk lead his band in polka music, and eating leftover meatloaf sandwiches. Instead, I’m out learning about modern culture, food, music, and otherwise.

I learned about two different things yesterday. I learned about masago, which is sushi made with fish roe. Our granddaughter Kaiya, who almost lives entirely on noodles with butter and parmesan cheese, loves masago. Go figure….

I’m not a fan of fish roe, so I didn’t imbibe. However, Cole loves it also. As they enjoy their masago, Mylee quietly eats her green mussels.

But the second thing I learned about is called rolled ice cream. Perhaps you all know about rolled ice cream. Remember, I’m sitting in the dark watching Lawrence Welk. For other Lawrence Welk fans, I will try to explain rolled ice cream. You choose your base. All three of the grands chose sweetened condensed milk because they’re very smart. The milk is mixed with regular milk and placed in an ice cold metal sheet where it is worked until it is a paste. It is then spread out very thinly, at which time it quickly freezes. The ice cream is then rolled up using a wide metal spatula. The rolls are placed into a cup. The second ingredient (or ingredients) of your choice are then placed on top. For example, Kaiya chose cookie batter and boba. Cole chose cotton candy crunch and boba. Mylee chose oreo cookie crumbles. Here is an example of rolled ice cream…..

I had a taste of Kaiya’s and it was bussin.

Bussin is another example of something I’ve learned from Kaiya and Mylee, as well as Jen’s granddaughter Lilly. It is used when something is very good, and almost only when it’s food. I don’t plan on using it at dinner with our friends from Wind Crest.

The kids enjoyed their day with Nana, because who wouldn’t when it ends with rolled ice cream?

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